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Well, I know it's not going to be an OSHA approved way of telling, but the old timers I worked with would take and blow through them...if there was any restriction they were considered bad...technically, the filter could still deliver fuel, but when you really "get on it," the flow would be restricted and could cause fuel starvation problems (leaning out, etc). If you're brave enough to blow on it, then do so...if there's more than a little effort to get air through it, replace the filter and be done with it.

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โˆ™ 2007-11-23 22:59:12
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Q: How do you tell if your fuel filter is bad?
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How often do you replace a fuel filter 06 slk 280 Mercedes?

How do you tell if the fuel filter is bad in 1997 230 mercedes

How can you tell if you have a bad filter or a bad fuel pump on a mpv?

The best thing to do is replace the fuel filter anyway. You will need to do it even if the fuel pump is bad, so you have nothing to lose. You can listen to hear iif the fuel pump is kicking on at all. If it is, just do the fuel filter. Its much cheaper and easier than the fuel pump. Then you can test the fuel pressure to see if the pump is bad after you replace the filter.

How can you tell if the fuel filter is bad?

The fuel filter is replaced every 10,000 to 30,000 miles. If your not sure, remove the fuel filter, drain the gasoline, and try to blow air through it.

How can I tell when my fuel pump is bad on my Ford Windstar?

you can take fuel filter out on driver side underneath car crank it over if no fuel comes out pump is bad it would be a good idea to change the fuel filter anyway.

How to tell if fuel pump bad?

Have the fuel pressure checked. If the pump is noisy it is failing. do not forget to replace the fuel filter. A clogged fuel filter will appear as low fuel pressure, and overwork the pump.

How can you tell if fuel filter is bad on a 1994 altima?

If you suspect it is clogged, just replace it.

How can you tell if your fuel filter is the problem with your 1999 e320?

Replace the filter It is never a bad idea to replace a fuel filter if the problem still persists you need to look elsewhere for the problem.

How do you tell if the fuel filter is bad on a 95 Geo Tracker?

You don't determine if the fuel filter is bad; you just change and move on

How can I tell if my 1999 dodge neon fuel pump is bad?

Check your fuel pressure at the fuel rail. If the pressure is low, and your filter is not clogged, fuel pump is likely suspect.

Fuel pressure at fuel filter 64 psi with key on but drops fast to 25 then slowy falls.Changed fuel filter same thing.Is fuel pump bad?

fuel pump is bad

Can a bad fuel filter stop pressure from the fuel pump?

A plugged fuel filter can reduce or completely block the flow of fuel.

Where is the fuel filter in a citroen c2?

i have a citreon c2 vtr can you tell me the location of the fuel filter?

What happens when a 89 Buick reatta fuel filter goes bad?

What happens when a 1989 buick reatta fuel filter goes bad?

Why would a fuel injection bike bog down?

Bad fuel, dirt in the fuel filter, dirty air filter.

I can not get my 2000 galant to stay running what could it be?

Bad fuel? Plugged fuel filter? Plugged air filter? Bad fuel pump? Weak Ignition coil? Check for fuel and spark

How do you know if fuel filter is going bad?

fuel filter is recommended to be changed every 15,000 miles

Why does your 2005 vauxhall zafira shutdown after starting up?

fuel pump bad ignition coil bad fuel filter plugged air filter

Will bad fuel filter make engine die and not start?

Yes, I clogged fuel filter will prevent fuel from getting to the engine.

How can you tell if your fuel pump is bad in Chrysler sebring?

It should start to make a whistling sound when the pump is hot or fuel is low in the tank. Replace the Fuel Filter while you have the tank out.

How can you tell if the fuel pump in your 2000 impala bad?

If you do not hear it run for a few seconds after turning on the ignition without starting the engine, then either the fuse is blown, relay is bad or the pump is bad. If you do hear it running, then it may be weak or the fuel filter may be clogged. You may have to listen at the fuel filler door to actually hear the pump. Replace the fuel filter and then run a fuel pressure test at the fuel rail. If you have no or weak pressure the pump is bad.

Car not getting fuel?

Bad fuel pump, blown fuel pump fuse, bad fuel pump relay, or clogged filter.

What happen when fuel filter goes bad?

They don't go bad they just get clogged. Your engine will starve for fuel and your fuel pump will get hot and self destruct trying to pump fuel through a clogged filter. Replace the filter every 36,000 miles.

Why won't your 1989 Crown Victoria go past 40 mph in Overdrive?

Bad fuel filter?Bad air filter?Bad fuel pump?Plugged catalytic converter

Why does a 1994 Dodge Ram Van B350 leak gas?

Bad fuel line? Bad fuel filter? Bad fuel tank? Bad throttle body? Bad injectors?

Where is the fuel filter on a 2002 fuel filter?

Read your question again. All I can tell you with the information you provided is that the fuel filter is located somewhere between the fuel tank and the engine. Follow the fuel lines and you will find it.