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wow,,, your babe is cheating well if you think then you already know......

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You just have to tell her and hopefully you'll have a good reason so she'll understand and forgive you

You can tell your friend that they are being cheated on or you do not do anything.

No one likes a tattletale no matter if your friend cheated or not. Talk to your friend and tell her how disappointed you are in her and to admit to the teacher she cheated. It is doubtful your friend will tell the teacher, but be rest assured the teacher is onto cheaters and your friend will get caught one of these days.

tell her that her boyfriend cheated on her. she needs to know.

they probably stutter or they get nervous when you tell her

say ignore them if they do it again

You should not have cheated on her in the first place. But, tell her the absolute truth. And definitely take responsibility for whatever she picks to do. Do not try and hook up with her again, that is an unhealthy relationship.

Tell him honestly & as soon as possible. Don't omit information, either. You were reckless. Since you cheated, face the consequences.

if your a guy and your friend is a girl how can you tell if she is in love with you?

YOU CAN TELL HIM BY SAYING "I LOVE YOU ALTHOUGH YOU CHEATED ON ME WITH ONE OF MY CLOSE FRIENDS , AND THAT I WON'T TO BE WITH YOU ALWAYS KNO MATTER WHAT HAPPEN BETWEEN US .ANSWER: It will be easy to tell him your feelings, but will he understand you why you betrayed him and it was his friend? Your position is a bit messy, you don't know how this man will react knowing his own friend shared his girl with him.....back off and rethink what you wanted to tell him first.

Depending what she is to you, a friend, girl friend, ect.

no you cant tell but you could find out from looking at her phone or noticing how she acts. Has she ever cheated on you before? i was wondering cause your asking this question. if she has not cheated then i dont see why she would now or if she has she is not worth you my friend, trust me there is better girls.

He doesn't have a girlfriend because Kristen Stewart cheated on him for her director

tell that friend he/she might not believe you though but dont get mad it will only make it worse.

If you have to ask this question, she isn't.

No he wouldn't tell his friend because he is going to try to take her from his friend

Come on dude. For one, you should never cheat on your GF in the first place. And, there is no way to tell a girl that you cheated on them in the nicest way. No matter what, it usually ends bad. But hey, its your fault.

"Hi honey. How was your day? By the way, I've been doing your best friend."

You tell him he is a jerk, and to leave the girl alone. Tell him she is your girlfriend.

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