How do you tell if your good friend likes you as more than a friend?


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if you're sitting there and he's flirting wit another girl

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Tell your friend and tell her. If he is a good friend and he cares about the relationship, it will all work out.

If your friend likes you, he'd start acting differently but usually, if he makes a move to be your friend and he likes you, you can tell.

well tell him how you feel and if you like him then tell him that your friend likes him and all of you get together and discuss how to solve the problem and if she gets mad with you then tell that guy that likes you to talk to your friend and explain to her how he feels about you so she can know that she has to move on or if not tell HER what's going on with him and you Good Luck .....

Oh that's very tough. Well if your friend was really a good friend she would understand if you tell her. =]]

just see how he lookes at you. if he looks like he likes you then he does! it is as easy as that!!!

If you have a friend who is a friend of him, ask the friend to ask him if he likes you.

If he's ur best friend, he will understand when you ask him: "Do you like me., not as a friend, but possilby more? be honest" if he's such a good friend then he wont lie and tell u the truth.

He probably likes you. Whether or not he likes you as a friend or more than a friend, I can't tell; but befriend him and if you like him more, take the next step.

If he acts nervous or overly confident, he likes you.

then you talk to your friend and tell her you like him. because if you dont tell her she will date him and you will get jealous = bad so tell her and date the kid

Tell your friend if she likes him.If she doesnt have her tell him that, then just ASK him.

That means he probably likes you more than his wife and wants to tell you about his "good times" to make you impressed or jealous...

If you don't like him back, tell him that you see him more as a friend.

well he will spend more time with her or he will flirt with her if he winks or looks at her alot then he likes her

I think what you would do is ask him/her who they like. Then tell them that your friend likes them. Then tell them good things. Thats how I would do it I dont know about you!

You tell him that your best friend likes him too,and tell yo best friend to ignore him he'll eventually love you

You can usually tell if your friend likes you than more than a friend. If you get the feeling he likes you more than a friend, then flirt with him. Let him know that you like him more than a friend. Usually when you like someone they most likely like you back too(: -Nevaeh

if a guy likes ur friend he will flirt with her and not u.

just tell him that you have a boyfriend or you could discuss it with your boyfriend and tell him to tell his friend...

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