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How do you tell someone that they saved you from committing suicide?

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That's something that needs to be discussed where you won't be interrupted. Perhaps a walk in the park or if that doesn't work for you, maybe go for coffee or somewhere neutral. If the person that saved you doesn't suspect how close to suicide you were then it will come as quite the shock Redbeard is perfectly correct in telling you to go to a quiet place where you won't be interrupted. So glad you are better and feel life is really worth living! Good for you and thank God for the person that helped you.

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How can you help an 18-year-old that wants to commit suicide?

The best thing you can do for someone who is thinking of committing suicide is to be there for them. Listen to everything they have to tell you, and let them know that you are able and willing to help.If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, see the Related Questions below for ways to get help. There are trained, qualified counselors who are willing to listen and help you.

How often do People post Questions about Committing Suicide on this Website?

A lot. You have no idea. If you ever feel suicidal, tell someone and get help. I don't know if you are suicidal or not, but trust me. A lot of people ask. Too many. :(

Why is suicide wrong?

It's killing yourself. It's actually against the law in some places. If you have a religion, a lot of them tell you that committing suicide is wrong. Also your not thinking of other people when you're committing suicide, there are a lot of people who care about you so, they won't exactly want you dead. Slight correction: Suicide is not in and of itself illegal. How is it illegal? like if you say you're going to kill yourself you will go to jail?

How can you tell if someone committed suicide or just an overdose?

It is sometimes hard to tell. Was there a note? Were there any witnesses?

My friend is thinking about committing suicide what should I do?

If you really care about him/her you would tell a trusted adult immediately!! If you don't, then no one would stop him/her from killing themselves!

Did Romeos servant tell Romeo that Juliet was dead?

yes. because of this, he killed himself. Juliet was still alive, however. she ended up committing suicide also.

What do i do if someone tells me they have or will attempt suicide?

Tell them that it is stupid and if they are worried or scared about something they should tell someone. NO NO NO!! Whatever you do DO NOT tell them it is stupid! They are depresed and feel negative, Do you want to add on to that dissapiontment!??!

Is it a crime letting someone commit suicide?

If you know about it and don't tell anyone, then yes, i believe it is

Should you Commit Suicide if someone said to you go and die?

No. You should have your own mind and not blindly follow what others tell you to do. Suicide is never a rational choice.

How does Committing Suicide Help you from Bullying and Cyber-Bullying?

committing suicide is not the answer, if you are getting cyberbully show your parents or someone you can trust they can help you get though this. If you are getting cyberbullied on a social network site delete your account then the bullys cant get to you, but if you are getting bullied in school the best ways is to ignore them then the bully will get bored with you because they like seeing people hurt if you don't show your emoticons then they will go away another way is to tell someone you trust then the person you trust can get them reported and it might stop. Don't let the bullys get you down, you are who you are and no one can change that. Remember you are one of a kind and you can't be replace.

Is there a way to tell whether or not someone is really kinky without committing to a relationship with that person first?

Ask their friends, or engage in a friendship with that person.

What should you do with someone contemplating suicide and how do you know?

Tell them YOU don't want them to hurt themselves. Tell them you are not going to let them do it without trying to stop them. Tell someone with the authority and means to access and provide real help. Tell...all answer start with TELL, even if you promised NOT to tell. You don't have the right not to tell.

How can you tell if someone is going to comit suicide?

I would think they would be kinda depressed and asking rly strange

How can yo help with suicide?

If you mean to help someone DO suicide, that's not something you should do.But if you mean to help a person that is thinking of doing suicide, you should:Stay with the person.Tell someone that could help.Talk to them.Listen to them.Don't leave the person.Keep anything dangerous items from that person.

What can i do about a parent trying to commit suicide?

tell someone or the police, or you can talk to the parent. act fast before its too late.

What do you do when you have a controlling boyfriend and hes suicidal?

I would say that you need to tell someone. Suicide is not a joke, it is very real. If he has threatened suicide, you have to tell someone who can get him the help that he needs, like a parent or counselor. Once you have done that I would say for your sanity, you need to get out of that relationship, it does not sound healthy at all. Find someone who loves and appreciates you but lets you be who you are and does not threaten to kill themselves. Best of Luck

If someone tells you that they are going to commit suicide and tell you not to tell anyone what should you do as a health care worker?

Health care workers are both legally and ethically bound to report someone who intends to commit suicide or otherwise do themselves harm. The same is true of psychiatrists and priests. This also applies to the intent to commit a crime.

How do you tell someone you want to commit suicide?

The best way to tell someone you are thinking about suicide, is to say the words to them. To suffer with the thoughts and feelings alone will bring more harm to you. It may be a very scary thing to do, but the alternative is far worse. Once it is said, you can move on to recovering from what is leading to these feelings. If you cannot bring yourself to talk to someone you know, call your local suicide hotline or try these numbers: 1-800-SUICIDE / 1-800-784-2433; Call 1-800-273-TALK / 1-800-273-8255.

How do you avoid suicide?

By first understanding the warning signs and receiving help as soon as possible. When you first realize you are thinking about committing suicide, tell somebody, get some help. You can call a suicide hotline for help or a crisis center in your area. If you are in school or a large workplace, talk to a counselor or psychologist. Or you can seek professional help.Suicide is not the answer, it is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. You are not alone in this world and if you need help, there are not only people who can help you but people who want to help you.

What to do when anorexic?

I would tell someone right away. I know it is harder said than done, but i knew someone who tried to commit suicide because of this. If you tell someone, they will not think any less of you. They just want the best for you. I would tell a mom or someone who is easy to talk to. Just remember. People are there for you. I am here for you, your family is here for you, and God is here for you.

Does it tell something about someone if they chose to commit suicide by hanging vs shooting?

No not really it just depends on what they think should be and what is on hand at the time

What happens with the people who were thinking of committing suicide in a hospital?

Nothing can happen, if they are thinking about it. If they tell someone in the hospital where they are, then the hospital staff will have a duty of care to look after you and ensure you do not act on your thoughts. So if you do feel like this it is ALWAYS best to tell someone else what you are thinking, ensuring of course it's an adult you tell. Nothing is EVER that bad in this life that cannot be sorted or worth taking your own life for, after all there is only one of you and you are special, you already have won the race to life, so don't throw that away, life is special and precious to us all.

Was the disciples saved?

Yes the disciples were saved . After being saved only can one go out and tell the word of god.

What do you do when one person is wiling to commit suicide because his partner is breaking up with him?

tell someone about it. But, sometimes someone would just say that for the attention. So, the person wouldn't break up with them.

How do you get other aware of no to suicide?

You must tell them that life is to short and, only cowards commit suicide even if it takes courage to commit suicide.