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Say "I don't love you." There is no nice way of saying this to someone and no matter how nice you say it that person's heart will be crushed, but the thing to remember is, you vowed to be honest with each other. If you stay and don't love this person how do you think they'll feel when they find out? You have not only wasted your life, but theirs. Sometimes when people fall in love they think it's the love of a lifetime, but for some, they can fall out of love. Honesty is the best policy. Pick a quiet time away from family and friends (kids if you have any) and tell them. Yes, they will be hurt, but you MUST be honest. I would like to suggest that you take a vacation alone (at least a mini one) and make some excuse as to needing "head space." This time should be used for really thinking about this situation and why you feel you don't love this person anymore. Sometimes we are so tensed up with every day stresses we feel we can't cope or we are simply going to explode. Some of us even feel like we want to change our names, run away to another town and leave no forwarding address. It can happen to anyone of us. Be sure you are really not in love with this person, and by the way, try to figure out what you think true love is. Marcy Good luck Marcy

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Q: How do you tell someone you do not love them?
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How do you tell someone you love him when you have moved on?

how can you tell if someone has moved on

What should you do if you tell someone you love them and they in response tell you thank you?

You should look for someone else to love.

Can someone tell to love someone you even if you don't want be in love?

No you can full in love

What should you tell someone you love?

I Love You

How do you tell someone you love her?

Just tell her how u feel then break out and tell her u love her!!!!!

When does a woman know she is in love?

when you love someone you can tell but when you're IN love everyone else can tell

What are the best ways to tell someone you are in love with him or her?

Just simply tell them that you love them.

How do you tell someone that you love them?

Look them in the eyes, and tell them!

How do you express your feelings to someone you love?

You tell them that you love them?

How do tell someone you love them?

"i love you" that usually works

How would you tell someone that you really love him?

"i love you"

Sign to tell someone in love?

If you want to tell someone you love them without saying it...i don't think I'd try that! Just come clean and tell them

How do you tell someone why you love them?

Tell them why you feel you love them. Say it to their face

How do you tell someone you love him?

the way to tell someone you love them is just say it to them. okay what if you do tell them that you love them but they just laugh at you or they just say okay , and you don't picture it the way you want it ?!?

How do you tell someone you love that your in love with someone else?

Just tell them the truth. Say that it isn't them it's you and that you can still be friends, but i found someone else, and then apologize. ~kellly101

Who do you tell when you love someone?

that person

How do you tell someone you are attracted to her?

you love her

How do you express someone that i love you?

tell them

How can you convinced someone that you truly love her?

be affectionate and tell her she is beautiful. explain why she is beautiful and tell her what you love about her!!!

What is the best to tell someone you love them?

When you believe they love you back.

What if you love someone and they dont know?

then calmy tell him/her that you love him/her.

How can you tell someone you really love if you are shy to tell th person that you are in love?

obviously if you cant tell them, then you arent in love. it should come naturally. Answer I agree. If you really love someone you will figure out a way to tell them no matter what it takes!

What do you tell someone when they ask why you love them?

You tell them why you love them... Think, is it their hair, eyes, personality, that makes you love them?

If someone says they love you and you love them do you tell them?

Yes, if you truly love that person and you know that when they say they love you, they are being truthful, then you should tell them!

How to tell you love someone who's taken?

YOU DON'T. Do not home wreck someone's relationship. You will find love in someone who will completely love you back. Don't wreck another's love.

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