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You don't. Just avoid them, don't flirt, don't laugh at their jokes, and they'll eventually get the picture. Don't be too obvious about it; don't be rude, just boring. But there are always people that just won't give up. As a last resort, you could ask a friend to tell them for you. Have them just hint at it. DON'T have them say "hey, Samantha, Fred told me to tell you that he doesn't like you." And pick someone that is good friends with the person; someone that the person trusts. Another thing you could do is make up an excuse. My excuse that I use often is "I don't date younger girls", which is partly true. Another thing you can do is talk constantly about other girls (or guys) when she's (or he's) around you. Just be like "Wow, that girl (or guy) over there is hot" or "I miss (either your ex or your crush's name goes here)"

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Q: How do you tell someone you don't like them?
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How do you get someone to think you dont like a person?

tell him/her you dont like that person

How do you tell someone not to send me god emails?

Just tell them you dont want them and if its someone who you dont like getting emails from, block them.

What do you do if you like someone and you dont know if they like you?

Ask them. Tell them or get one of your friends to tell them

What do you do when someone likese you but you don't like them?

tell them you dont

How could you tell someone that you like himher?

tell him/her that you dont mean to break the ice but i kinda like you and please dont tell anyone, if he is a person who spreads rumors just dont tell the person

How do I tell someone I like them even though they are younger?

you dont

What are the chords for someone like you on trumpet?

i really dont know so someone tell me

How do you tell someone that likes you that you dont like them?

be honest if they like you like that tell them I think it's better we remain friends

How do you tell someone you like them in a note?

Hey ......... I just wanted to tell you that I like you. If you dont like me then im cool with that but i really like you

What do you do when someone likes you and you like them but you shouldn't?

Get with that person and dont tell anyone.

What do you do if you like someone but you dont know how to tell him?

Just say '' Hey I like you whether you like it or not."

What does you tell someone who is real cocky if they dont like you opinion and they say theres is better?

Tell them to seglum.

If you like someone and you dont know how tell that person what do you do?

Ask them if they would like to do something special with you.

What does it mean when someone poke you on facebook?

it Means to tell some on that you dont like him or her..

What do you say when someone tells you they like you?

simply tell them how you feel! when i find out someone likes me and i like them back, i get super excited! if you like them back, tell them. and if you dont' break it to tem nicely :)

You love someone but you dont want to tell them how do you do it?

Wait for they right opportunity to tell them, like if they tell you they love you go ahead and tell them back. Or you can hint at it. When ever you feel ready to. dont push it (:

How can you tell someone they are mean to you?

just straight up tell them. dont let them treat you like that. stand up!!!!

You really like someone what would you do?

Tell Them ...... If they dont like you back they lost out on a great person, and you move on.

If you don't like someone in your class what should i do?

Tell them that you dont like them , so you can get them off your mind and not worry about it.

How do you tell someone your not right for them?

by nicely saying " i dont feel right dating you and i am not ready to date you. you can say i like someone else and/or u could tell him/her in a txt if u dont want 2 tell them straight up

What do you do if someone likes you and you dont?

Just tell the person you do not like him. May be it is better to be friends.

How do you tell a guy you like him at a party?

just say to him , I have a secret, i like someone , but if i tell you will you be mad? if he says yes dont tell him its you , if he says no then you know he wont care

How do you tell someone you have a crush on them?

if your a guy you have to make the move if your a girl wait for guys if u like a girl tell her to not tell anybody that u like her girls dont tell anyone

What do you do if you like someone but they think you like them as a friend?

Tell them! be up front, dont spend ages worrying about what will happen, just take the jump, tell them!

How do you avoid someone who likes you but you don't like them?

Just tell them u dont like them then they'll go away