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How do you tell that special someone you love them so much and why you love them so much?


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AnswerI was trying to tell my boyfriend I loved him, but was afraid I would scare him. Also, I would rather hear it from him first. We were just kissing one day and I said to myself... "I don't care, I'm going to tell him right now". It was the most difficult thing in the world, I know how you feel. I kept trying to say and the words would just not come out, they kept getting stuck in my throat, it's crazy , I know. THis went on for probably twenty minutes and then I gave up and said instead... " I'm so crazy about you". He looked at me and said... "I might be ..., but, I'm in love with you". I couldn't believe it. I was shocked, happy, surprised, relieved. So, I told him he beat me to it that I had been struggling to get the words out for the last twenty minutes. I told him I had been falling in love with him more and more each day, and that I loved him so much. He was so happy to hear it!

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Tell him how much you love him and tell him you love him alot. And show that you appreciate him

You can show you're love for someone in many different ways. You could take them to their favorite place. Take them somewhere special. Give them flowers. Tell them how much they mean to you. Buy them a gift they have always wanted. Or simply tell them how much you love them. :D

When someone tells you that they love you very much, it means that they care a great deal about you. This could be familial love or a committed relationship.

Wait you want to propose a ring or tell someone you love them?

Not only can you say "I love you," but you can show how much you love someone by doing thoughtful, loving things--not necessarily grandiose acts, but small, everyday things.

You can take them out for a meal, treat them, make them feel special, tell them how much you love them.

how can you tell if someone has moved on

tell her that shes special because shes her. and you love her because. she may feel insecure so give her a much love tell her you will be with her forever and always.

Write what you truly feel about them, no one can tell you what to write but just say why you love them and what makes them so special to you etc

Tell them why you feel you love them. Say it to their face

If the person is a coffee fun. Invite for a coffee and ask. Tell that someone that for some reason you developed a special feelings... or if you can't do it that straight. simply take care of her or him. and show special attention.

tell them that...that you care about them Answer You can tell them how special they are to you, that you really care a lot about them (love them, love them a lot, etc.), I love spending time with you, I'm happy you are in my life, my life is so much better because you are a part of it. Things like that.

Just tell her how u feel then break out and tell her u love her!!!!!

when you love someone you can tell but when you're IN love everyone else can tell

This may sound crazy, but you can just tell. You know they love you if you have that perfect feeling around them where you feel special around them and they also feel special around you and when they say they love you, you know they mean it.

Look them in the eyes, and tell them!

"i love you" that usually works

obviously if you cant tell them, then you arent in love. it should come naturally. Answer I agree. If you really love someone you will figure out a way to tell them no matter what it takes!

You tell them why you love them... Think, is it their hair, eyes, personality, that makes you love them?

if she is someone special tell her that you love her and will always care for her. And on a holiday( or any day) bring her a special treat to tell her that you love her and really mean it and take things so because most ladies don't like it when men go to fast on a great relationship other than that, have a wonderful life with your true love!!!

the way to tell someone you love them is just say it to them. okay what if you do tell them that you love them but they just laugh at you or they just say okay , and you don't picture it the way you want it ?!?

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