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How do you tell the gender of a turtle?

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Masculine turtles usually:

* their shells are (slightly) hollowed or rounded inward like the inside of a bowl. * they have a bigger tail.

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How do you tell the gender of a baby turtle?

By their tails and claws

How can you tell a girl turtle from a boy turtle?

Males are normally very attractive (mostly for mating reasons) but it is hard to tell..If you are buying a turtle as a pet then ask the worker, they usually know what gender it is!!

How can you see what gender a turtle is?

it depends on what type turtle it is

How do you tell its gender?

you can tell the gender of a water turtle is the boys have long nails girls don't boys also have longer tails ,and girls have tiny tails. how to tell the gender of Russian turtles the boys have long tails with a hard point at the end and i hope that answers your question:)

What gender of box turtle gets pregnant?

A boy box turtle.

How can you tell the gender of an red eared slider turtle?

The Males Claws Are Larger Then The Females except on babies u cant tell until they have a second birthday

How do you tell if a turtle is a snaping turtle?

you can tell if a turtle is a snaping turtle because if you have a turtle with 2 teeth hanging not over the lip but on top of it then uyou have a snaping turtle.

Is the word turtle a masculine or feminine?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English uses gender specific nouns for male or female.The noun turtle is a common gender noun, a word for a male or a female animal. There are no gender nouns for a male or female turtle.

Is a turtle a male of its shell is light?

The weight of a turtle has no direct correlation to it's gender.

How can you tell a Crayfish's gender?

how do you tell a crayfishes gender

How can you tell if a green sea turtle is a female or male?

If you have a turtle i can show you how you can tell sea turtles apart by gender....if not then find a picture of a sea turtle turned on its back.... IF YOU HAVE A SEA TURTLE PLEASE READ BELOW: Turn over your turtle and you should see its tail with a dot on the bottom. If the dot is at the top of the tail like up close to its shell it is female....if it has a dot lower from its shell it is a male sea turtle. BECAREFUL NOT TO DROP THE TURTLE PLEASE ;) It is called a Cloaca by the way. Hope this helped for all you turtle lovers out there.

How to tell an age of turtle?

You can tell the age of a turtle by looking at its shell.

How old are the red eared slider turtles when you know the gender?

The gender of a turtle does not affect the age of the turtle. You can tell the age of your turtle by looking at the layers on the turtles scute. Scutes are what makes a turtles shell look quilted. Each scute sheds about once a year, revealing a new scute and leaving a layer on the new scute. By seeing how many layers are on a scute you can tell how many years old your turtle is. Example. 2 layers = 2 years, 10 layers = 10 years. A turtle with no layers will be less than a year old.

How can you tell if your pet sun turtle is male or female?

It is important to know the gender of a pet. For sun turtles, males have blue coloring underneath, females do not.

How can you tell a aquatic turtle is a boy or girl turtle?

To find out a turtle's gender, you can check the length of their claws. If the claws are very long and have a black color it's male. If the claws have a light color and they are short it's female.

How can you tell if a turtle is hungry?

Well,you can kind-of tell if when you past by your turtle well start following you.

How can you find the gender of a pet turtle?

If your turtle has a flat under side, it is a girl, if it has a round under side, it is a boy.

How can you tell the age of a turtle?

Count the rings on the back of your turtle.

Can you tell the gender of a turtle by is eyes?

No because all turtles eyes are the same unless it is albino but if it is albino it had red eyes all species of turtles have the same eyes

How do you tell what kind of turtle you have mine is black red and green?

i can not tell what kind of turtle i have because it is to little

How can you tell how old a snapping turtle is?

You can tell how old a Snapping Turtle is by it's size and how weathered its shell is

How do you tell whether its a girl or boy turtle?

you can tell if a turtle is male or female from the rings around its eyes

How do you tell a boy turtle from a girl turtle?

On a painted turtle you look at the design on the bottom of their shells.

How can you tell a snapping turtle from a turtle?

the snapping turtle will run rateat you if you get to close and will most likely bite you.

How do you tell a turtles gender?

Telling the gender of a turtle can be very difficult to do and not always accurate. Working out the gender of a turtle can vary across different species and ages, so it is important to know a bit about your particular turtle before identifying it's gender.Here are some ways to work out the gender of your turtle:-In most species (box, red-eared slider, short-neck etc.) the female turtle will be noticeably larger than the male, however you need two turtles of the same age to compare the size differences.-In a few common species such as the red-eared slider, the male will have longer claws on the front legs for the purpose of mating.-In older turtles often the easiest way to sex them is to look at their stomachs (the underneath of their body). Females will have convex (slightly protruding outwards) stomachs because they are storing eggs there. Males will have concave (going inward) stomachs.-In certain types of species you can tell the turtles sex by their eye colour.If this helps, please recommend me!