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It doesn't matter if he likes you or not. Unless he's single, he's not worth going after.

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Q: How do you tell when an older guy likes you even if he has a girlfriend if you're in high school and he's in college?
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As a guy what do you when your girlfriend likes your old older brother?

This may sound cheesy..but talk to your brother and your gf about it.

What do you do if a younger guy likes you and like him but now he has a girlfriend and arent sure if he likes you?

well theres nothing wrong if your older but dont make the boy break up with his current girlfriend to go out with you. i mean unless your that desprate

Did Justin Bieber and his girlfriend break up?

Yes he's going out with s.g. he said he likes older girls

Who is g-dragon girlfriend?

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You like a guy who is a little older and at a different school he likes you should you go for it?

Definitely. If you already know he likes you too, give it a try.

How can you tell if an older guy likes you and you dont see him at school because he live right next door to you and by the way he is two years older then you?

If he smiles at you, and you catch him looking at you when you're not looking at him, he probably likes you.

What is the youngest Jared padalecki will date?

Ask him. His ex-fiance Sandra McCoy was 3 years older than him. His rumored girlfriend Genevieve Cortese is 1 year older than him. Maybe he likes older women.

My friend's older stepbrother has a girlfriend but all night he was sitting really close to me and was somewhat flirting with me what does that mean and what should I do?

It means that he likes you. Tell him that you like him.

What does le gusta el colegio a tu mejor amiga mean?

------- likes school and your older female friend

Where is Sophie simmons going to college?

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What do you do if you really like this guy but he is one year older and aready has a girlfriend and goes to a different school?

chances are you will never date him

How old do you need to be to get into a junior college?

Typically, the community college are open to all those 18 years of age or older, or who have a high school diploma.

How do you get an older guy to ask you out if he has a girlfriend?

You don't. If he is in a relationship let him be. For one it's not smart you could possibly start something with his girlfriend you don't want. Plus it's not right.

What if a guy likes a girl older than her but she likes them as friends?

Your luck.

Why did the previous cast of high school musical have to quit?

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What do you call a man that likes older women?

In South Jersey slang, a man who likes an older woman is called a "James Harrington".

Is it weird if your cousin likes you like a girlfriend?

yes but don't do it with her or finger her or else Shel moan and i did that with my older 22 year old cousin and she asked to marry me and were both married

What happens if you like this guy and he is one year older than you and he has a girl friend and he goes to the same school?

Umm, you don't get involved with him. Duuhhhh! To be honest wait for him to make a move and then take it from there. But unless he actually tells you he likes you too then don't get involved. if you do steal him from his girlfriend, be prepared for trouble from her.

Is it all right if you like a guy in your school that is older than you but you dont know if he like you or not but when you look at him and he looked at you back like he likes you?


Can a boy get a girlfriend that is older than him?


How can you tell if an older women likes you?

Ask her.

Is the jobros likes older women?

No. They don't.

How old are most starting soldiers?

Most are just out of high school (18) many have some college and are a little older. Most officers have completed college and are about 22 to 24.

What type of girl Jaden Smith likes?

Jaden likes the girls older than him

How do you know somebody likes you?

In your grade school years they'll make fun of you.But if your older the secret is if you can make them smile or laugh they probably like you.