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How do you tell when you are ovulating?


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2015-07-16 19:20:41
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Some women get a little pain during ovulation, others have nothing. your cervical mucus will start to look like egg whites and be very stretchy between your fingers. an ovulation prediction kit can give you some warning before ovulation. you can learn about checking cervical mucus and more at



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How do I know when I am ovulating

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what signs does your body show you to tell you that you are ovulating

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I suggest you buy some ovulation sticks. You pee on them and they tell you when you are ovulating

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The best way to tell when one is ovulating is to keep a calendar. Sometimes there is pain when ovulating, but other times there is not. By keeping a diary, one has a better chance to know the time of ovulation.

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You stop ovulating when you become pregnant, so I would think not.

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