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How do you tell when your female is ready to be bred?

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2008-01-22 16:29:23

Dogs go in to heat between 5 and 12 months, depending on the

breed and the individual dog. However, you will want to take your

dog to the vet to make sure she is healthy enough to breed and to

also determine if she has any genetic disorders which she could

pass on to her puppies (in that case you would not want to breed

her). It may be that she will never be in the proper condition to

produce puppies.

However since you are asking this question I suggest that you do

considerably more research on your own before breeding your dog.

Only very few dogs should be bred, and just because you have a

female dog that is able to have puppies doesn't mean she needs


You may also want to research the health benefits of spaying

her. If you love your dog you have to consider if you are willing

to risk her health and safety. Will all the puppies find good

homes? Do you have the money to care for her and the puppies if

something goes wrong?

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