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How do you tell when your female is ready to be bred?

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Dogs go in to heat between 5 and 12 months, depending on the breed and the individual dog. However, you will want to take your dog to the vet to make sure she is healthy enough to breed and to also determine if she has any genetic disorders which she could pass on to her puppies (in that case you would not want to breed her). It may be that she will never be in the proper condition to produce puppies.

However since you are asking this question I suggest that you do considerably more research on your own before breeding your dog. Only very few dogs should be bred, and just because you have a female dog that is able to have puppies doesn't mean she needs to.

You may also want to research the health benefits of spaying her. If you love your dog you have to consider if you are willing to risk her health and safety. Will all the puppies find good homes? Do you have the money to care for her and the puppies if something goes wrong?

2008-01-22 16:29:23
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How do you stimulate a male lab to bred a female lab in heat?

When the female is ready the male will know.

What is a female breeding cow called?

A cow. If she's not bred but ready to breed, she's an open cow. If she's bred or pregnant, she's a bred cow.

How do you tell when a female betta is ready to bread?

She will develop horizontal lines the length of her body when she is ready to be bred. :EDIT: She will also have a white speck behind her anal fins (in the middle of her belly), this is called her ovipositor.

Your Female Dane is ready to be bred but she will not stand for the male What do you do?

nothing, don't become a byb spay your dog.!

Your female rabbit has started to growl what could be the reason?

She either does not like you in her space (have you dropped her or otherwise hurt her) or she is ready to be bred.

How do you know if a male parakeet is ready to bred?

There are no particular signs that a male parakeet is ready to breed...they breed when they can find a willing female keet to breed with (as long as they are old enough).

How can you tell if your female rabbit is ready for breeding?

Normally they are ready for breeding at the age of at least 6 months.

Why does your female dog not want to be bred?

maybe it's still not in the state of heat. wait for it to menstruate then count 11 days then it ready.

How long after being bred will female dog stop bleeding?

do bred female have spoting during pregancy

How can you tell when to breed a female pitbull terrier?

She will clearly show you when she is ready and in heat.

When can you breed your Border collie?

when it is ready to be bred

What age should you breed a calf?

The vast majority of calves won't be of age to be bred or considered ready to be bred. By the time these calves are ready to be bred they are no longer considered or even called calves. A heifer is ready to be bred by the time she's 15 months of age. Bulls are ready to be bred by the time they are around 12 months of age. But note that sexual maturity differs with every breed, most notably between Jerseys and Brahman cattle.

When are guinea pigs ready to be bred?

once they have nippels

What is the female gender of heifer?

A heifer is a young female (cow) that has not been bred. It IS female.

Can riolu be bred?

Yes riolu can be bred if u what another one it needs to be a female

When do you know when to artificially inseminate a cow?

It's just like knowing when to put the bull out with the cows: When they're not pregnant and are ready to be bred. Most often it will be the cow herself that will tell you when she is ready to be bred, but you have to judge when the right time would be to AI her. Ideally 45 to 60 days after calving is when you should consider getting her bred. AI needs to be performed 12 hours after her first signs of heat.

Will a female twin calf die if bred?


What would you call a female quadraped to be bred that may or may not have been bred before?

A maiden.

How do you tell if a female Guinea pig is ready for babies?

when they get fat u feal babies in it and they just lie there

You have just got 2 fantails and the 1 is chacing the other one?

They may be male and female. The male be trying to tell the female that he is ready to spawn!!

How can you tell if a female turtle is having babys?

Female turtles can lay eggs with out a male around. The following symptoms are indicators that a female is ready to lay: not eating, excessive roaming, and digging.

What is a female swine?

If it's not bred, it's called a "gilt". If it's bred, it's called a "sow".

What is the name of an adult hog?

It actually depends, if you are talking about a female ready to be bred it is a Sow. If you are talking about a fixed male than it would be a Barrow, but if you are talking about a unfixed male it would be a boar.

Do ferrets have Periods?

No. Female ferrets are induced ovulators which means they will stay in heat until they are bred. If a female ferret is not bred, she will develop aplastic anemia and eventually die.

How do you bred Betta fish?

You condition the Female, then you put the female in the tank, next the female jumps out and breeds. Do more research, and don't give up. It took me three months until my bettas finally bred.