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How do you tell your best friend that you are a lesbian and you want sex with her?



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Well unless she is also a lesbian the relationship will not work out. Sorry. =(. You should probably sit her down and tell her how you feel. If tehy are a true friend then they will understand. If they don't then let them go. You shouldn't tell her that you want to have sex with her but if anything thell her that you have feelings for her.

it is always a good time to tell her your feelings at a sleepover
theyll be in a good mood and happy and you never know she might end up feelin the same way.........if your lucky she'll like you alot and you guys will end up in bed together that night.......and most likely she will accept you and get in bed to see how it feels just to end up liking girls more then boys

Lesbiangirl101 makes a good point. that very same thing happened to me a couple days ago and i feel just INCREDIBLE. the sex was amazing. so just let her know how you feel.