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  • If you love her like a girlfriend then you cannot be just friends. If you love her just as a friend there is nothing in that statement that would ruin your friendship.

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talk to your best friend and tell them how you feel. if they are truly your friend then they shouldn't care

Just tell them. if you don't, they may find out later. There is no sure-fire way to keep them as your friend, but it usually works to be upfront.

Just tell your best friend the truth and tell her that if she doesnt want you to then its fine because nothing is worth ruining a friendship. Remember the number 1 friendship rule- friendship comes before boys. If you both cant stand it then you both should forget about him. Its the only fair way unless you want to lose your best friend.

There friendship and love for each other.

Good friendship has love in it. Good love has friendship in it. don't hurt your friend for love don't hurt your lover for friendship

Friendship should always precede love otherwise it’s probably lust

Move on and continue as friends knowing that a relationship could ruin the friendship.

I think that love and friendship is mostly equal my best friend always says love is stronger but i don't agree. friendship is a passion its indescribable its amazing. To find a true friend is a once in a life time chance. so is finding love but, you can live your whole life without love but can't you live your whole life without friendship. Think about it.

yes you can fall in love with a friend but it depends on how close you get with them. i've fallen in love with my best friend and it sucks. but if you want to know more about this message me or email me at

If your his best friend, you honor that friendship and just do the right thing. Reverse the situation, think about it, and I believe you will get the point.

friendship is always better than losing a friendship to have a boyfriend for a little opinion

The truth is that friendship is starting point for love. The best relationships started as friends. You can have a date with a friend and does mean you are connected romantically.

If she isn't bisexual or gay, then you are taking a very big risk of ruining a good friendship. A straight person just isn't into it. The balls in your court. Marcy

You can tell you're not in love straight forward. You could also explain that it could ruin your friendship.

because you don't want to ruin a good friendship.

You can't confess your love to someone without changing the friendship; either your love will be reciprocated or it won't. In either case, your relationship to that person will change. But that's not bad! You will make many friends in life, and probably love several people, too. It's all a part of life, so don't be afraid to tell someone how you really feel. If you loose the person as a friend entirely (unlikely, but possible), then at least you'll know that he or she was not worthy of your love in the first place.

Love and friendship go hand in hand. If you love your friend you won't think of hurting the person, you respect and value them.

love friendship is when your friends with some one for a long time and you learn to love that that person. until you & possibly your friend fall deeply in love

There are many words that people use for friendship.....well it depends on what kind of a friendship.... if an opposite gender is your friend.....IF it's like if you have kissed them then that would be LOVE but if they are just your freind then it could be JUST FRIENDS if it is the same gender than it'd be FRIENDS or if you are really close friends that it'd be BEST FRIEND.... BUT one of the best words that i personally think that is an alternative for the word FRIENDSHIP is TRUST and ATTITUDE Also..... friendship always has LOVE in it...

How do I tell my best friend I love her when I don't want to mess up the good friendship between us? She also has a boyfriend that doesn't treat her the way she should, and I could fix that.

Forced love is never an option. If he loves you, he'll show it. Sometimes friendship is even more precious than a little relationship.

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