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My suggestion is you don't tell him your feelings right now, but say something like, "Hey, we've been friends a long time, what do you think about going out on a date like any other couple?" Say it with a smile on your face and don't back him into a corner. Make it sound more like a good idea, then trapping him into not hurting your feelings. This way, he'll either tell you he doesn't think it's such a good idea or he'll go for the idea and you'll have your answer. If you do go out on a date take it slow and easy and let nature takes it's course. If you tell him how you feel right now you might scare him off and make him so uncomfortable it may take away from a wonderful friendship. Good luck Marcy I disagree with the above answer. I think it would be too forward to say something like that to him because it can make him feel as if you've only been thinking about yourself and been in the friendship with the hope of dating him one day. I think instead you should see how intense your friendship is. If you guys are the total "bff" then you have to think about if it is worth it. I mean, if you guys break wouldn't have just lost a would have also lost your best friend which can be very hard to handle. If you think you can handle that and that the best thing to do is tell him, then make sure you are in a stable part of a relationship like making sure he's not dealing with something big and same for yourself. Once you figure out that everything is okay, then sit down with him one day and tell him how you feel, how long you've liked him, and how much he means to you. But make sure to include how this friendship you guys have also means a lot to you and that you have never let your feelings affect your advice, comments, actions, etc. for him (unless you have). Also make sure to tell him that you are going to give him time to think about it and whatever he decides is cool by you and that you are going to be there for him no matter what. Goodluck. :)

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Q: How do you tell your best friend you have feelings for him?
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Can you tell your best friend that you have feelings for them and that's why you can't be friends no more?

You can definitely tell you best friend that you have feelings for them and that is why you can't be friends anymore.

How can you tell your best friend that you like him or her by yourself?

tell him/her that you have some feelings for them and ask if they have those same feelings or not

How do you convince your boyfriend that you have no feelings for your guy best friend?

Tell him, "If I had feelings for him, I'd be his girlfriend.

What to do when you have strong feelings for your best friend boyfriend?

just tell him

Should you ask your best friend out?

If you have feelings for her go for it but tell her how you feel.

How do you tell your best mates boyfriend you love him?

I've had to do it and it;s not easy . be straight up & tell him (: and if your best friend is really your best friend she will understand your feelings for him and trust you.

How do you explain how you feel about a girl?

Tell someone close like your best friend, Tell him or her what your feelings are for her.

You like a girl and didn't tell anyone now your best friend is dating her what do you do?

You tell your friend about your feelings. don't tell them to brake up though!

You like someone what you have to do?

Tell them that you have feelings for them or have a friend tell them u hav feelings for them

How do you cope with unrequited feelings for your best friend?

As they are your best friend, you may choose to tell them because it is somewhat of a right for you because you guys are best friends. It may seem a bit of a shock from them but you should be truthful to your best friend. You may find out that they have the same feelings for you as well

What do you do when your best friend hangs out with your ex boyfriend?

If you still have feelings for him, tell your bff to back off!:)

You love your best friends brother but were friends how do you tell him?

just be honest with your feelings or tell your friend first and hear what she has to say

Should i tell my friend that i have feelings for her?

Tell her you only have one chance to get it right but 1 day with her will be the best day of your life

What do you do if you tell your girlfriend's best friend that you have feelings for her?

You sure let the cat out of the bag! Bad choice! You don't tell your girlfriend's best friend you have feelings for her until you split up from your girlfriend. You've put her best friend in a terrible position (even if she doesn't have feelings for you) because now she knows your girlfriend shouldn't be trusting you and she has to decide whether to tell her friend or not. Nice guy! It's a good idea to talk to your girlfriend ASAP and tell her you want to split-up. Both of these girls should kick your butt to the curb!

How can you tell if you have a best friend?

If you have a best friend, you will automatically know that. A best friend is someone who will always be there no matter what, to make you feel better when your sad. they will actually listen to you when you vent your feelings to them. -Kerry Boo<3

How do you tell your guy friend that you do not have anymore romantic feelings for then who now has feelings for you without hurting his feelings?

just tell the guy your sorry and that you dont like him or her but say it nice and tell him that you're still his friend.

How do you tell if your best friend has feelings for you?

Firstly, ask him. You should share everything in a relationship, feeling wise.

How do you tell your best girl friend that you love them?

If you're still thinking about sharing your feelings with your best friend, go over exactly what you'll say.

Should you tell a friend you have feelings for her?


Is it ok to have feelings for your best friend?

everyone has feelings for their best friends, its normal.

How you tell your best friend that they are your best friend?

There are many ways you can tell your best friend that you consider them your best friend. Here are some ways you can express your feelings to your friend:Simply, tell them. Give them a call, send them a text, post on their Facebook Wall, and just be honest and open. Tell them straightforward, that you consider them your best friend.You can write them an ecard or e-mail, and in that you can say something along the lines of "Dear John, I really appreciate you being my best friend. I enjoy our friendship."When it's there birthday, you can say the following for example: "Happy Birthday, John! My BFF :)", "Happy Birthday, BFF", or simply "Happy Birthday to my best friend."Those are a few examples of someways you can express your feelings to one of your friend.From my personal experiences, I just simply flat out tell them that I conisder them to be my best friend. I also ask them if it is okay that I feel that way about them and if it is okay to call and consider them my best friend. All those worked, and I am best friends with them.

How do you tell your best friend that the comments she makes about you aren't funny to you?

Exactly how you just put it. If they are upsetting you then you must tell her. Don't be afraid of hurting her feelings as she has clearly hurt your feelings by making the comments.

How do you know if your best guy friend has feelings for you?

You can tell if your best guy friend has feelings for you if he starts getting mad or upset that your hangingout with other guys, or if he starts acting diffrent and flirty around you when its just you and him hangingout, trust me this has happend to me before.

Is your best friend hiding his feelings from you?

Only your best friend would know the answer to this.

I can't fall in love with this girl How can I get rid of my feelings for her?

You must tell her that you don't want to hurt her feelings, But she would understand that being a friend should be the best for them...