How do you tell your best guy friend you like him?

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June 04, 2011 4:03AM

To be honest, I need the same help. The first time we became friends, I had a year of hidden love behind that. I pushed my idea of being more than friends in the back of my mind. It only took 5 days for me to become his best girl- friend. We have become very strong friends over 5 months and know each others plans a week in advanced. If I haven't seen him for day or so, I go nuts. It's like I need him. A few weeks ago I figured out why. I was in love with him, again. This time I knew I wouldn't be fallen out of it as easily as before. This was because I knew him inside and out, his fears, dreams, and more. WE occasionally flirt with each other. I noticed that over the past month, he hasn't been able to look me straight in the eye and he sways when talking to me. He doesn't do that to the other girls at school-just me. My friends thinks he likes me, but I'm not very confident if he does. I'm his friend- shouldn't eye know? I spend countless hours at night thinking about him and I in those what-if situations. Man I LOVE him. He even was late to a class just to comfort me and take care of this jerk that I got in a verbal fight with, but that seems more like a friend thing. I don't have the courage or confidence to tell him I love him because of our amazing friendship. He always protects me in bad situations and I always support him through tough times. I need serious love advice!