How do you tell your ex boy friend that you are pregnant with his child after you told you cant get pregnant anymore?

First off, let me say we can assume you lied about the fact that you can't get pregnant. Doctors do not throw that statement around, and nobody told you that. The only time "you can't get pregnant" would be be said is if parts were physically altered in your body to the point that you COULD NOT GET PREGNANT. So, knowing that you lied - tell him soon enough and be honest. You should also be honest to the judge when your boyfriend tells him he doesn't what to be financially liable for the child because you lied about your ability to conceive. Doubt it will help him, but it may. Your lie will forever alter this mans life, in a way he most likely seriously didn't want. Stop lying, and be honest for once. Just sit him down and tell him the truth. Hello there. This is a tricky situation. You need to tell him ASAP sweetheart. The earlier into your pregnancy he knows then the better for your relationship and the baby. You could write him a letter or get a friend to tell him your pregnant or phone him up or even do it face to face. There is lots of different ways you can tell him. Its natural to be scared and worried in this situation. Anyone would be hun. But you need to tell him ASAP. If you need to show him proof.......some guys want proof.....then do a HPT in front of him so he can see the result. Good luck to you. :-)