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Don't do that because she or he. Will get upset and want to fight your ex and dump you

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โˆ™ 2012-01-31 03:34:04
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Q: How do you tell your ex boyfriend's new girlfriend that he still calls me at tells me he loves me?
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What are good signs that your ex still loves you?

allways calls you. Always visits you. If has a new boyfriend/girlfriend and pays attention to you and not to his/her boyfriend/girlfriend.

Why does my boyfriends ex-girlfriend always call?

To start trouble or maybe he calls her and flirts with her so she calls back thinking he still likes her. could be many things. mybe shes still not over him and shes a crazy b**** or hes still talking to her and seeing her on the side....

If he still calls his ex girlfriend?

Its not an ex-girlfriend. Maybe he calls for a bootycall

How do you know if one of your old boyfriends still likes you?

He still wants to be with you if he calls and is concerned about you

How do you know if your exboyfriend still loves you?

if he still calls and wants to spend time with you, i think it's safe to say that he still loves you.

What does it mean when a guy breaks up with you but still calls you babe and says he still says i loves you and acts kind of like you boyfriends but then is a jerk sometimes and makes it clear that?

It means he does care about you but he also doesnt want you as his girlfriend. He wants to do everything he wants when he wants but he also wants you to sit there and be there when or even if he needs you. That isn't good enough for anyone. no one is going to be sorry for what they lost if its always there waiting.

How can you tell your boyfriends still loves you after 4 years of being together?

If he is with you that long, its got to be love. :)

What if your ex-girlfriend ignores you at school but calls you at night?

You should ignore her. She probably have problems seeing you in front of her friends. But if still truly loves you, she shouldn't care about what other people care.

Does your girlfriend like you if she says she loves her male best friend?

Your girlfriend still loves you. You're her boyfriend. When a girl says she loves her male best friend she means it in a family kind of way. As long as she still spends time with you and says she loves you, you have nothing to worry about

How do you know your girlfriend still loves her ex?

If she tells you.

What do you do if you dont know if your girlfriend still loves you?

if you do not know that your girlfriend loves you, you should try asking her if she love you or you should ask her if she likes someone else

Why is he calling you when he has a girlfriend?

because he likes you more if he calls you and still has a girlfriend. (from a guys point of view)!

How will you know that your ex girlfriend still loves you?

You don't, but if she is then that is her problem. It is your ex-girlfriend, you should have moved on.

What to do when you still love your ex girlfriend and she says she loves you but she also has a boyfriend she loves to?

say how much you love her

Can a girlfriend get sued if she moved out and some of the furniture belongs to the ex boyfriendis still there?

No she can not be sued, Unless the girl takes the stuff that is the boyfriends, then she must return the boyfriends stuff or she will be sued.

How do you know if a guy still loves you even though you dont go with him an he has a girlfriend and a baby?

He has a girlfriend so it wont matter if he loves you or not. He clearly does not care enough about you to leave.

He's said he still loves me but he loves his new girlfriend more?

He probably will always love you its cause you were his girlfriend before. Does he mean it though? If he says he loves the new girlfriend more then obviously he dosent love you as much as her and he is trying to make you feel better.

What does it mean if your girlfriend tells you she still loves you?

Well it probably means that she thinks you did something wrong, and even though you did it she still loves you and wants to work it out :)

Is issa Thompson still single?

No issa thompson is nt still single he has a girlfriend and he loves her

Should you break up with your girlfriend if she still loves her boyfriend but loves me too?

do not visit

What was trey songs girlfriend name?

it's ariel and he still loves me

How can you tell if she still loves me?

If she still calls you everyday. If she still goes places with you. If she tells you she loves you. If you have no secrets. There's a number of different ways.

What does it means when My ex boyfriend has a girlfriend who i think he loves her and he still calls me and tells me that he loves me and misses me and that he doesnt know what he wants from me?

face the facts girl he dont know what he wants and dont care enough to figure it out or he would be with you so find his best friend and sleep with him it will give you closure.

Can Muslims have a girlfriend but not take it to far?

No Muslims are not allowed Girlfriends or Boyfriends as this is fornication. (wether you have sex or not you are still not allowed)

What are the signs that he still loves you even though you broke up?

You will know he will still love you if he calls and shares his relationship with you.