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There is no time left, just come out and tell him. Life is too short to wait around.

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Q: How do you tell your friend you love him if he's in the hospital about to undergo brain surgery and you have liked him for more than 4 years and he always likes you when you're with someone?
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Where can I go to get information on what is a bypass surgery?

You can always find information on bypass surgery from a Clinic, or a medical center near you, or a hospital center near you. you can always ask your doctor about this if he has any information about it as well.

Is it safe for obese people to undergo surgery?

It is not safe to be obese so you would need to weigh the pros and cons of getting surgery. The best way is always to lose the weight naturally. Good luck.

What is the recovery time frame for a spine surgery?

After the surgery your hospital stay is around a week. Once you're released back home, recovery lasts around 5 weeks. As always this varies and always listen to your Doctor.

If someone is in hospital how often is blood presusre usually taken?

It depends on the hospital and where in what department the patient is. On a regular medicine or surgery floor, it is usually take every 4-6 hours, but in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) it is constantly being monitored; the patient always wears a blood pressure cuff.

Does surgery always result in arthritis?

No, surgery does not always result in arthritis.

Where can I find more information on types of gastric bypass surgery ?

You can find types of local bypass surgery from your own doctor, clinic, medical center, or a hospital. You can always search on the web about this information as well.

When does animals undergo mitosis?


How long before surgery should preoperative antibiotics be administered?

My daughter's doctor & hospital have always made sure they were given 1 hour pre-operatively.

What does Laser eye surgery do for the eyes?

Laser eye surgery is for people who have trouble seeing, they undergo treatment, that involves looking at a laser.It shaves off slivers of your corneaAnother answerLaser surgery is used to lower eye presser in the eyes to try to prevent glaucoma from damaging (blindness) in the eye. This procedure is not always successful.

What are the good effects of beauty surgery?

For someone who is truly troubled by something specific, cosmetic surgery can be a tremendous boost for their self-image. For someone who has generally low self-esteem cosmetic surgery can turn into sort of an addiction, where patients try procedure after procedure always hoping that the "next one" will make them happy.

Can an organ transplant cause infection?

As with any type of surgery, infection is always a possibility. Staff infection is very common, especially if you have to stay in the hospital for an extended period of time.

How is Lady Gaga's family relationship?

She is very close to her family. "Speechless" was dedicated to her dad, who had to undergo open-heart surgery (he survived, by the way.) She always keeps close contact with her parents and her sister, Natalie Germonatta.

Are you allowed to have a cell phone in the hospital?

Here's an example: if you laugh at someone for always going places with their hand sanitizer with them, well you might want to rethink that. germs are everywhere. even on cellphones. by bringing those cellphones into a hospital, you could make someone seriously ill.

Do you always need surgery for perferated appendix?


What to do if i am pregnant and do not want a kid?

Talk to someone, or parents, its a big life change. How far along are you? There is always help. or go to a hospital or Dr office and talk to someone, maybe they can help.

Why is the treatment of cancer by surgery not always successful?

its not always successful because surgery is not treating cancer but its a removal of a body part meaning that we are not treating cancer when we are doing surgery but we are just taking it out.

What does not always stay the same and can undergo physical and or chemical changes?


Could you die from plastic surgery?

It is always possible to die during any surgery.

Is there an emergency provision in filing bankruptcy for someone who has been treated at a psych hospital for depression and anxiety?

No. BK is always intended to be used only in an emergency.

Is sleep necessary before an operation?

No it's not always necessary and it depends how long the operation is for. The better health (mind, body and spirit) the person is in the better chances they will have in surgery. To be honest anyone that is about to have surgery wouldn't have that calm a nights sleep unless they were in hospital and the nurse gave them a sleeping pill.

Where can I found out about bypass gastric surgery?

To find out more about bypass gastric surgery, you can always consult your doctor, nurses, and pharmacists. To get a more detailed information, you can always research bypass gastric surgery in the internet.

Is there a hospital on the sims 2 PC?

there is no hospital, if u want ur sim to have a baby in the hospitl, u can always make a community lot and name it a hospital but there's always gonna be ppl there.

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iz za krugovogo dvijenia

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