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You don't; if you love your husband just stop cheating; if you don't love you husband, tell him you don't love him and file for a divorce.

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Why r u cheating on him? Is yr love life good with yr husband, maybe not if u constantly cheat. How could u and the best friend do that to him? shame on u and him. If not satisfied get a divorce!

ANSWER: It is that, if your husband told you how the other woman is, it doesn't matter how long the two of you were married. It will be different to your husband because for many years, ( I don't know how long the two of you were married) you are the only one he had sex with, from the day he married you. And when it comes to other woman, the reason why its not the same, she is new to him and it excite him. I know because it happened to me as well

It depends how long you have been married for. If you have been married for more than 7 years then just try and work things out with your husband. Also, if you are older than 30 then it is wise to stick with him. If he swears he wont cheat again but then it turns out he does, then leave him. By the way im 14 years old lol

i am married 16 years i did somemany nice things for my husband and he still so cold with me

Play it smart and don't second-guess this problem. Unless you have caught him telling her he loves her then you can't accuse him of cheating. My husband has female friends and I have male friends and neither of us cheat on each other. I suggest you do what we do and have this woman over for dinner (on your grounds!) Your husband may simply have considered her a friend 18 years ago and even if they dated back then this doesn't mean your husband is going to start an affair with her. Sometimes when our lives are dull or we reach a certain age (40 plus) we reach for the past and want to team up with old friends. Have her over for dinner. You never know she may be married. You also need more communication in your marriage. Sit down with your husband and calmly ask him why he felt the need to reconnect with his old friend from 18 years ago. Don't accuse him of cheating unless he says otherwise. This is a good time to tell him to invite his friend over for dinner.

Well, if you are the one cheating on your husband he needs to get checked. But if he is the one cheating he still needs to get checked to see if he has any STD's. You both need to go to counseling. He is not being honest with you. Good luck and God Bless:)

Well, based on my experience,I say yes. My friend is an Aries, and her husband is a Sagittarius. They have been married for 18 years.

b/c you love him but you aren"t IN LOVE with him

if he still loves you and you still love him then you could try and and work something out but i would leave him.:'(.it might be sad but he's been cheating for SIX years.

Can I reserve ex husband military retirement he remarried And was married 6 mounts and died I was married to him 20 years

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Unless you have a pre-nuptial agreement, usually, you will get half of anything the two of you have accumulated during your seven years of marriage. You can try for alimony, but that is not a 100% certain thing.

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