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Say "I'm pregnant and we are getting a divorce, so whether you want the child or not you will still have to pay childsupport"!!!!!


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Just be honest and tell him. And learn to spell husbandJust be honest and tell him. And learn to spell husband

Just tell him your not, and keep trying until you are =) good luck

Hopefully you had sex with your husband on, or about the time that you conceived. Tell your husband the happy news that he is about to be a father. He will raise the child as his own. And for goodness sake be more careful next time.

If it was a planned pregnancy, think up a fun way such as getting him a onesie with i love daddy on it. If it wasn't planned and he doesn't want children, just sit him down seriously and tell him.

No, that is called day dreaming. Hopefully she already pictured him as the father of her children one day since she married him.

He is you EX and unless he believes that the child is his you do not have to tell him anything, owe him and explanation or owe him anything for that matter. If you have children of your own between you two and feel you want to tell him keep it simple, straight forward and honest - just tell him I'm pregnant (so and so) and I are having a child and I wanted you to know.

Tell them in a private and first calm down and tell them slowly if they are angry you calm down and have you husband talk about it with your parents.

Possibly if there are many children in the family and the mother have the same behavior as before so then they might guess she is pregnant but there is no way for them to know.

You can always bring him to the doctor so she can explain it to him right then and there.

i think to get attenshion. or to keep there boyfriend/husband around.

it happens in a couple months you dont have to do a thing You get pregnant 2 seasons after you get married. Your husband will insist that you go to the clinic and when you get there Irene will tell you that you are pregnant.

You can take a pregnancy test, which will tell you if you got pregnant ten days ago or more.

Wrap up the positive pregnancy test and give it to him as a surprise gift.

First of all no one should have to tell you how to talk to your husband. Just tell him whats in your heart. I know my husband loves to hear just how much he means to me and that I grow to love him more and more everyday! Just Tell him that you love him you found a wonderful man who not only became your husband but your best friend!

some are shy to tell u about their or his child but if the child belongs to u too then they should tell u about it.

The bible does not tell us that Ruth had a son from Naomi son.

you can tell if they have more late nights at work than usual and has no interest in sex

She will get extremely fat and will drink more and eat more.

not at all. i have two grown up children from an ex marridge and if any woman tried to tell me to choose between her and the children there woulld only be one choice. the children. YES, my husband has adult children, he loves them but they need to have their own family as him and I have ours, they need to respect that and then they will be welcome in our home. After all Iwii be taking care of my husband in sickness and health not the children.

After you have been Married for 60 days with your Husband (And keeping his Love points at at least RED HEART for 60 days STRAIGHT you will wake up. Your Husband will incest you must go to harvest. Then Hardy will tell you Your Pregnant.

Was a man that married her and had to children with her and was a very good man that took care of her but I will not tell you his name

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