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Say "I'm pregnant and we are getting a divorce, so whether you want the child or not you will still have to pay childsupport"!!!!!

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Q: How do you tell your husband who does not want more children that you are pregnant?
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When did you tell your husband that you were pregnant?

straight away

What are the signs seen in my husband if im pregnant?

Until you tell him - none.

How you tell your husband im not pregnant?

Just tell him your not, and keep trying until you are =) good luck

What happens when a wife cheats on her husband and gets pregnant?

Hopefully you had sex with your husband on, or about the time that you conceived. Tell your husband the happy news that he is about to be a father. He will raise the child as his own. And for goodness sake be more careful next time.

Can a woman tell she's pregnant by looking at her husband and seeing him as a father?

No, that is called day dreaming. Hopefully she already pictured him as the father of her children one day since she married him.

If you are pregnant but your husbend is fixed?

Just be honest and tell him. And learn to spell husbandJust be honest and tell him. And learn to spell husband

How do you tell your grown children of your husband's previous marriage and children?

The children should have been told long ago that their father was married before and had children so that would make then step brothers or step sisters to your children. Your grown children may be angry you waited so long to tell them, but it is important that they know as your husband's other children are still related to the children you have and eventually they will find out so it is better that you and your husband sit down with your grown children and tell them the truth and why he left his first wife.

How do you tell my parents i'm pregnant?

Tell them in a private and first calm down and tell them slowly if they are angry you calm down and have you husband talk about it with your parents.

How do you tell your ex husband that your pregnant with a different mans child?

He is you EX and unless he believes that the child is his you do not have to tell him anything, owe him and explanation or owe him anything for that matter. If you have children of your own between you two and feel you want to tell him keep it simple, straight forward and honest - just tell him I'm pregnant (so and so) and I are having a child and I wanted you to know.

Can children tell when their parent is pregnant?

Possibly if there are many children in the family and the mother have the same behavior as before so then they might guess she is pregnant but there is no way for them to know.

How do you tell your husband you are pregnant after having your tubes tied?

You can always bring him to the doctor so she can explain it to him right then and there.

Why do women lie about being pregnant and tell everyone they are when they are not?

i think to get attenshion. or to keep there boyfriend/husband around.

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