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Take this one real slow and easy because you don't want to ruin a beautiful friendship. I suggest you simply say, "We've known each other for sometime now and we get along well. What do you think of going out on a date like other couples?" She is either going to tell you she doesn't want to ruin a good friendship or she'll go out on the date. You'll have your answer either way. It's not uncommon at all to fall in love with a good friend because true love is friendship and love mixed together. Good luck Marcy

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Q: How do you tell your long-time friend that you have fallen in love with her?
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What should you do if you have fallen in love with you best guy friend?

I suggest that you tell him, and see what he thinks about it.

How do you tell a longtime friend you like her?

Just ask her that you like her.

How do you tell if you matter to an online friend?

If you trying to tell if he loves you, then just ask him, I personally have fallen in love with an online friend but i dont know how to tell her, if she were to just ask me, it would be so much easier for me to tell her.

How can you tell if you have fallen in love with your crush?

you can tell you have fallen in love because he/she is away on your mind you rember every word they said to you

What should you do you have fallen in love with your best friends Uncle?

speak to your friend tell her whats happened see hw she feels about this

How do you tell when a Leo male had fallen in love with you?

he will say 'I love you'.

If your a guy and your friend is a girl how can you tell if she is in love with you?

if your a guy and your friend is a girl how can you tell if she is in love with you?

How do you tell your gay male friend that you have fallen in love with him?

You need to sit him down and tell him that you think you are really falling for him. Tell him how he makes you feel and why, start with this and the conversation just may take off.

What do you do if your friend asks you if you love him?

Tell him that you do love him too... as a friend.

Your best friend is a guy you have totally fallen in love with him you're afraid to tell him because he may not want to be your friend after that What should you do?

Ask questions! Look for signs of interest! Try to make it a bit obvious to him that you've fallen in love with him. Tell him your like majorly in love with this one guy but you afraid to make a move. Then depending on his answer MAKE A MOVE!

HOW TO TELL your love to your girl friend?

Tell her you love her. Tell her you admire her. Tell her the truth. Sincerity works.

I love my best friend's brother but he doesnt know?

tell your best friend but tell her not to tell her bro.

A goof friend has a crush on a elementary friend?

Tell the person you love them then ask them if they love you.

How can you tell a man has fallen in love at first sight?

Gets a boner.

How do you ask your mom to get let you have a pet?

ask her for a really longtime;tell her how much you would love and care for the pet

Is it wrong to tell a friend that you love them in a just friend way?


I've fallen in love with my best friend i mean he is the person i turn too for everything But i dont know if he feels the same way what do i do?

This was my question and i need an answer.Someone tell me what i should do!

Should you tell you friend that your in love with him?


How do i find the love of my life?

by find the one you like and tell them or have a friend tell them for you !

What do you do when your friend's ex boyfriend wants to go out with you but he is still in love with your friend and your friend is in love with him?

The right thing to do is not go out with him. If you do you can make your friend upset. Tell this boy you can't date him and if he likes you, he will understand. The best thing to do is to tell your friend he likes you and then tell her you already said no.

What do you do if your friend's boyfriend loves you?

if you love them tell them if you don't love them don't tell them. Thank you for reading.

What do you do when You love a man?

Tell him, tell the truth dont get your friend to tell him you tell him tell the truth

What do you do if one of your friend falling in love or try to flirting with someone you loved?

If that person is your friend then tell them that you love the person they love. If they are your real friend they would understand.

How do you tell someone you like their friend?

you say i love your friend is that ok

You love a guy and he's is your best friend and you want to tell him you love him and you are to shy to tell him that so how can you tell him physically?

Kiss him.