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Telling him you love him in terms of friendship is easy you can say something to the effect of "You're my best friend I love you like a brother," but if you mean you're in love with him then it gets difficult. You could just be completely straight forward and tell him "I like you as more than a friend" or you could drop hints that you are into him. Before doing this you may want to find out if he is gay or at the very least bisexual, since he may not take the news of you having a crush on him very well. You could lose a good friend by revealing your crush.

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What does it mean when your girlfriend says I love you to her close male friend?

It shouldnt be hard to tell but it up to you to decide 'how' she said it. they are most likely just friends, i dont think you should worry :) friend- 'You do know that I love you right??' friend 'Oh my gosh! i LOVE you! :)' friend- 'love ya'

How can you tell if your male friend is your lover to you?

He kisses you and proclames his love regually

How can I tell if I love my male friend?

You should read a book called i can't tell you by Hillary Frank.

How do you make sure that if you tell your best friend you love him his answer will be positive?

Ask another close friend if they know if he loves you back.

If your a guy and your friend is a girl how can you tell if she is in love with you?

if your a guy and your friend is a girl how can you tell if she is in love with you?

Is it right when you are a guy to tell your guy best friend you love them?

More people in this world should tell those that they care about that they love them. Being male yourself it is wiser to tell your guy friend that you love them like a brother and not just 'I love you' because he may consider the fact you are gay or just simply strange.

What do you do if your friend asks you if you love him?

Tell him that you do love him too... as a friend.

What should a girl do if she is in love with her sexually confused male best friend?

Tell him how you feel, that's the best thing to do.

Is it okay for your girlfriend to tell her ex she loves him?

It depends in what way she means it. As a close friend or love love. If it's love love--uh-oh! Trouble on the road for you..maybe. Depends if he still feels the same way for her. If it's as close friends, don't worry. You can love a guy friend as friends! =)

What to do if your in love with your friend or close friend but your younger sister is in love with him too?

All you have to do is be honest tell him how you feel and except the consequences of loving someone because if your sister really loves you she will understand.

How do you tell your straight male friend you love him?

If you are gay, just be completely honest with him. I am a straight guy, but I have a friend who is gay, so I do know this. Just tell him that you understand that he is straight, but that you have feelings for him and you wanted him to know because you felt that you needed to tell him.

How can you tell if your male best friend loves you?

I don't know but I think its the actions that you can tell that your male best friend loves you! Well it depends to the situation!

What is the difference between close friend and best friend?

a close friend is someone you can talk to, and do things with. A best friend is someone you can tell anything to.

HOW TO TELL your love to your girl friend?

Tell her you love her. Tell her you admire her. Tell her the truth. Sincerity works.

How can you tell a close friend you love her?

If she doesn't love you, and you tell her that you love her, she is going to be very uncomforatable being around you in the future. You can only tell her your feelings of love when you are certain that she has similar feelings for you. She may like you very much, but that can be very different from love. Don't spoil the party too soon.

How do you tell a person youre still in love with him even though you cheated on him with a close friend?

YOU CAN TELL HIM BY SAYING "I LOVE YOU ALTHOUGH YOU CHEATED ON ME WITH ONE OF MY CLOSE FRIENDS , AND THAT I WON'T TO BE WITH YOU ALWAYS KNO MATTER WHAT HAPPEN BETWEEN US .ANSWER: It will be easy to tell him your feelings, but will he understand you why you betrayed him and it was his friend? Your position is a bit messy, you don't know how this man will react knowing his own friend shared his girl with him.....back off and rethink what you wanted to tell him first.

If you are 15 how do you tell your best friend you love her?

Tell them you love them. It's as easy as that. If you're their bets friend, they'll understand.

What do you do when your close friend has been cheated on?

tell him/her

How can a male tell his close male friend that he has feelings for him?

Answer If you know for sure that your friend is gay or bi and he knows you are, just go up and tell him you want to get it on. However, if you don't know the above, I'd try to find another man who is gay rather than offend your other friend and probably loose his friendship at the same time.

I am single male that has a close female friend who is married. We enjoy each others company and she has told me that they are having problems. I love her but not sure I should tell her. Should I?

No. Don't tell her. You will ruin your relationship with her. Even if she gets a divorce, it should be a long long time before you tell her. :)

How can you tell if a boy thinks your beautiful?

get a friend which is quiet close to that special boy and tell the friend to tell him and see what he says

A goof friend has a crush on a elementary friend?

Tell the person you love them then ask them if they love you.

Should you tell you friend that your in love with him?


How do you tell your gay male friend that you have fallen in love with him?

You need to sit him down and tell him that you think you are really falling for him. Tell him how he makes you feel and why, start with this and the conversation just may take off.

How do you tell when a Leo male had fallen in love with you?

he will say 'I love you'.

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