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How do you tell your mom you are pregnant if she doesn't like your boyfriend and told you to stop seeing him but you didn't and you had unprotected sex in her house?

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2006-12-13 05:50:45
2006-12-13 05:50:45

Sounds like you unconsciously got mad at your mom for not liking your boyfriend and you were a foolish girl and knew better than to have unprotected sex. Your mom has every right to blow her mind over this one, but she does love you no matter what you've done and things will calm down. You need to tell her as hard as it is for you because mom's can guess these things anyway. They have a sixth sense about these problems their kids have. Tell her you're sorry, but you do love this guy and would appreciate it if she would give him half a chance. It would be great if you could take some time out for yourself to think about what you are feeling before you talk to your mom. Your mom must have some valid complaints about your boyfriend (perhaps a chip on his shoulder or she may think he's using you or he could be abusive.) Not accusing your b/f, but think! Is your mother right? If you can honestly look at your b/f and realize he's a great guy and your mother has not seen that side of him and he's respectful of you and your mother then go for the big talk with your mom and ask her for that chance for her to get to know him. If she's right on one or more counts then you should listen for your own good and raise the baby on your own or, if lucky, with the help of your mother. There is also adoption to consider if you feel that is the route you would like to take. Good luck hon

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