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15 is WAY too young to think about permanent relationships. What's the rush? Just keep things simple and allow yourselves to mature naturally. When the time is right, everyone will understand and it will be much easier to proceed with the relationship.

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โˆ™ 2005-09-12 23:38:39
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Q: How do you tell your parents you are pre-engaged if you are 15 and your parents are very strict and judgmental?
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What if you have strict parents and a boy wants to go out with you?

Tell the truth. You can say: "I wish I could, but my extremely strict parents don't allow dating."

How do you tell your parents they too strict?

If your parents are "too strict", I wouldn't recommend you telling them they are.. Even the nicest of ways could be offensive to them. But of course - only you know your parents. Tell them as nice as possible (if you have too). Good luck!

How do you tell your parents when you get your first boyfriend?

Just tell them. If your parents are judgmental to him, they don't know him like you would. Therefor to pass your judgment before theirs would be recommended. (in sake of moral values).

You want to take your girlfriend to the movies how do you tell your parents?

Just tell them. There is nothing wrong with taking your girlfriend to the movies, unless you have REALLY strict parents.

What if your strict parents tell you to choose between them and your baby?

Every case is different. If your parents are maliciously cruel, choose your baby.

How can you tell if a parent is too strict?

Some parents say no to EVERYTHING out of fear of spoiling.

How do you tell your parents you're moving in with your boyfriend?

Just tell them! They're your parents, they should understand by now that you're old enough to move in with you boyfriend. But if your parents are super strict and you're sure that they won't approve of it, then forget about it.

What do you do if your parents are way too strict?

You have to be honest with them. They may not like it, but you can tell them you feel like a prisoner in their home.

If you under 14 up and your parents are really strict how do you tell them you are pregnant?

Tell them the truth - including that you might have to leave their home if they feel you "embarrassed" the family.

How do you make your parents less strict?

You can only tell them about what bothers you and what you want them to loosen up about but in the end you can not change them. Ask them why they are so strict about certain issues. Maybe there is something you can do to make them trust you more.

How do parents' expectations affect our performance in school?

Everyone's parents are different. I had strict parents so I don't know what a nurturing family would be like, but I'll tell you what having strict parents did for me: With strict (and Asian) parents, the expectations are way too high. When you know you can't meet those expectations, you lack the motivation to strive to do your best because you know it will never be good enough. Without motivation and passion, the quality of performance will definitely go down.

How do you date a girl with strict parents?

What you want to do is not date her or don't tell the parents. Usually a girl has a big mouth and that could eventually get you or her in trouble so keep it on the down-low.

What should i do if i found out that i am pregnant as a teenager?

there is no way to tell your strict parent you must have tell your parent because at the end of the whole thing your parents will find out and it will be so sad and painfull

How do you tell your strict parents you got a bad grade?

you don't have to tell them. you can write it. i was in the exact same situation once when i was in 6th grade. i have really strict parents. like REALLY STRICT PARENTS. so i just went on my computer and and just typed up what i was planning on saying to them. i printed it out when i was done and i just slipped it under there door. then they read it and they talked to each other before they were going to talk to me and they came up with my punishment i just got grounded and that's it. it was so much easier than letting them scream at me. Good luck on what your gonna do with your parents.

How do you tell your strict parents your fiance and you are moving in?

Have a meaningful heart-to-heart talk with your parents regarding your relationship with them. Discuss the issues that concern you and listen carefully to your parents responses.Be prepared to change your plans and live elsewhere.

Why are parents not strict?

parents are ethier dead strict or not at all strict ,mine well my mum shes lovely but can get angry shes always claiming to be a saint well I can tell you one thing their NOT! . mainly teachers are the strictest of all , there always shouting and losing there temper over little thingslike kids chatting if you want a soultion tell them to stop getting fustrated at you and other kids.

If your girlfriend's parents are too strict how can you break up with her?

If you really loved this girl then you would respect her parents for being strict. Obviously you just don't want to commit yourself to her and are looking for more action. Be honest and just tell her it is not working out and do her a favor and move on. Either that or be a man and get to know her parents and respect their wishes and you may just earn their trust.

How do you tell a strict parent that you are going to move out?

Usually, strict parents force their children to wait until 18 or 21 - or even marriage! You have to finish high school and get a job to make money to take care of yourself.

What should you do if you might get caught if you buy a pregnancy test cause you parents are strict?

you should tell the truth beforehand and also got to confession and kiss up to them

How do you tell a parent you lost an expensive item?

It depends on how strict your parents are, it might be best just to tell them now and get it out the way, rather than getting in more trouble later for losing the item aswell as lying to them about it.

How does a 17 year old girl tell her strict parents she'sdating a 21 year old boy?

I honestly think you tell them because your parent are there for you all the time!! Im 14 and my mom is there for me so is my dad

How do you travel with date in middle school with parents?

Im going to guess you mean How to travel with your parents and your date in middle school. It all depends on your parents, if their strict with dating, say your going out with a few friends, have your date in the car and when you reach your destination, say their all inside (this works with my parents, and only works on indoor dates). You should be able to walk in and have them pick you up later! If their not strict, tell them, they will probaly drive you both werever you want!

How do you tell your parents your going out with a girl?

well if your parents are really strict about dating, it might seem hard to tell then at first. But you know, just come out and say it. Remember, your parents met at one point, and i' m sure they dated other people before they met, so I'm sure they know that you will go out with girls.

Do people usually tell people that they are bisexual when they are?

They will tell you if they trust you. If you think you are a good and accepting friend, then they may tell you. They need to know that you will be supportive and not judgmental. They need to know if you are a gossip or if you can keep a secret.

What do you do if you think you are pregnant at the age of fourteen and you don't know how to tell your parents?

Hi, first of all has your pregnancy been confirmed by a doctor? well deppends what type off parents you have got. if you have got parents that are rea;y strict pack you bags nd leave nd jst leave a note behind bt if you have parents tha are not stict jst sit them dwn nd tell them

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