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If you stick 12v of power to it the injector should open up to spray gas. (I wouldn't just stick 12V on it, it could damage the coil from too much current. My Toyota shop manual shows a special service tool that is a cable and resistor, to limit current flow.)

or you could use a Digital Voltage OHM Meter and measure the resistance across the terminals of the injector. make sure vehicle is off and key out of the ignition. if the resistance is not within specification(can be found in vehicle specific manual or through dealership) replace that injector. First check that the electrical system is operating correctly by listening for a clicking sound from each injector, then if you cannot tell which one did not click you then proceed by disconnecting each injector wire in turn and connecting it to a noid light ( a 12 volt light bulb with 2 wires ) , when you turn the engine over the bulb should flash mimicking the injector pulse. If they are all good ( actually I think you would only need to check a couple ) move on to the ohm meter test, check ohms against a known good injector if you do not have the specs or look for variation across all the injectors. Also check the injector terminals to ground, if continuity is detected replace. If all is still good, disconnect the fuel rail and with some mechanics wire attach the injectors and crank the engine, a good injector will have a cone shaped spray.

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Q: How do you test a fuel injector to see if it is bad?
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On a 1990 Nissan maxima what is the problem when the fuel injector stop spraying?

the harness could be bad on that injector chech to see if its firing and if it is then the injector is bad

If an 1987 suburban 350 get fuel to the throttle body but no fuel comes out of the injector how do you test to find out if the injectors are bad or the wiring is bad?

There is a noid light that will check injector pulses from the distributor. It plugs into the injector plug. Most common failure for inop injector is in the distributor module. Also check fuel pressure to see if the fuel pump is operating correctly. It should come on for 2-3 seconds when ignition key is turned to run. Chevy guy denver

How do you test fuel pressure in 2001 F150?

On top of engine you will see a metal line that feeds fuel injectors that is your fuel rail it will go around to each injector on that line you will see a fitting where you attach a pressure guage

How can you tell which fuel injector is bad on a 1990 Nissan 300zx non turbo?

turn your car on, then unplug the fuel injector circuit one at a time...check to see if the motor shakes after u unplug it... if it does, plug it back in and try another one...if it doesn't shake like the others that's the bad one...

Why is one of your fuel injectors dumping excessive fuel on 93 K1500 TBI?

Switch the electrical connections between the two injectors and see if the same one is still bad or if the problem switched to the other one. If the same one is bad, you have a bad injector.

How do you replace fuel injector o-ring of Lexus es-300 1996?

Remove the injector and you will see the o-ring.

How to fix multiple cylinder misfire in a 1997 dodge stratus?

A cylinder misfire can be cause by a bad spark plug or a bad fuel injector. Replace the spark plug to see if the problem is corrected.

My 1999 Nissan Pathfiner wont startI have spark fuel and pressure going to injector line what do I do now?

A bad cylinder had will cause your 1999 Nissan to not start. Check the oil to see if there is fuel in the oil.

How do you check injector pulse?

There are several ways. Most people use what is called a noid light. To use a noid light you unplug a fuel injector and plug a noid light in to the harness. You turn the engine over. If the noid light flashes then you have injector pulse. Another way to check is to use a low wattage test light. Unplug a fuel injector, and plug one end of the test light to each wire from the harness. Crank the engine over and see if the light flashes.

Where is the PCV valve located on a 1990 Nissan Stanza XE?

you can see the valve on the fuel injector. it is on the passenger side of the car and to the front of the injector.

How do you manuely clean fuel injectors on a 1995 4-runner 3.0?

you could add gas treatment liquid to your gas tank or you could buy the fuel injector cleaner tool and run the system with fuel injector cleaner which is alot faster. other then tht you could take each fuel injector out and spray carb clener through the fuel injector until you see nice spread out spray coming out.

If an 85 Cavalier gets fuel to the throttle body but no fuel comes out of the injector how do you test to see if the regulator or injector is bad?

Hey James==The wires to the injector are one hot all of the time and one pulsates as the ecm grounds it as the engine is turned over. TAke a test light and hook one end to ground and probe both wires on the injectors. One wire should have 12 volts. If not, check all of the fuses. If no fuses blown check the wiring. If you do have 12 volts, put the light from 0ne injector wire to the other and have someone turn the engine over. the light should flash. If it doesn't, check the wiring to the ecm. Goodluck, Joe

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