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If you suspect a problem, radiator shops can run a "flow test" after you remove the radiator and take it to them. If you don't want to remove and replace the radiator, they'll also do that part for you.


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Bring it in to your local auto parts store and they will test it for you for $0.

hook wires from your 12 v battery straight to the fan motor and see if it comes on.

hi,remove the wires from the thermo switch that tells the fan when to work and bridge them together,fan shoul work with ign on,if not faulty.

easiest way to tell if water pump is working is to run engine until at running temp. then carefully remove radiator cap. with someone slightly reving engine, look into radiator. if the pump and thermostat are working correctly, you will see the coolant moving(circulating) in the radiator

Not hard. Take the radiator cap off and crank it up and let it run until it gets to operating temp. You should be able to see the coolant moving inside the radiator. if it is, it's working.

it sounds like your water pump may not be working, to find out if it is, start your car, remove the radiator cap and look into the radiator. you should be able to see the fluid moving in the radiator. it sounds like your water pump may not be working, to find out if it is, start your car, remove the radiator cap and look into the radiator. you should be able to see the fluid moving in the radiator.if it is not m0oving your pump is bad

I think an experiement is to see if it is feasible (can be achieved), while a test is to see if it is functional (really working).

three things can cause that promblem first is the thermostat not working second can be the radiator it self check to see if the heat consit through the radiator do this with a thermo read and not your hands or it could be the water pump is no longer working

A pressure test is done to locate a leak if you can't visually see where it is coming from.

easiest way to check is to cover grill in front of radiator and start engine cover will restrict air flow and make engine heat watching temp gauge you should have a fair idea when fan should switch on.if it doesnt switch on you know relay or swith is not working. you can then check switch with a test light to see if it has poer on both sides. pretty much test relay the same way relay will only test when hot enuff to turn on fan

Sounds As If You Need To Replace It. There Isn`t Much Of A Test To See If It Is Working Unless You Remove It. Replace It + Any Radiator, Heater Hoses, Bypass Hose Also.

remove radiator cap, and watch the fluid, ull know that the water pump and thermostat is working if you see the coolant flowing around, kinda like a small creek in the radiator.

if the pump is installed already, turn on your engine and open up your radiator cap. IF you see water circulating, then your pump is working. If your truck over heats though, that would be your thermostat.

If you have replaced the water pump then flush the radiator with CLR also check to see if the fan is working properly.

Make sure coolant level is correct Check to see if cooling fan is working if so equipped Check radiator cap Radiator may be clogged Air flow through radiator may be restricted Water pump not working properly? Thernmostat not opening fully

it means the tamagotchi is checking to see if the rom is working correctly

First replace your thermostat. To check circulation, fill the radiator and start the car with the radiator cap off. When the thermostat opens, you will be able to see water should circulate in the radiator. If the car is still getting hot, pull the radiator and take it to a shop. The will be able to tell you if there is good circulation, and if it will hold pressure. There should be no charge for testing.

A 1994 Saturn SC may not even have a radiator drainplug. In order to find out if the 94 Saturn does have a radiator drainplug, a person can take off the lower hose to see, or look in the car's manuel.

Dial out put to maximum if after a normal cycle there is no increase in Cl it probably isn't working.

To check and make sure your smoke detector is working you can test them or check and see if there a green light meaning they are working. Its better to test them. If you have had a power outage recently they could be dying.

by carrying out test to see if the organ is working properly

With engine cool - remove radiator cap Run engine to normal operating temperature and try to observe coolant flow inside radiator - should be little to no flow until thermostat opens and then full circulation should be observed.

If it is leaking or noisy then it is bad. You should also be able to see the coolant flow with the engine cool and radiator cap off. Give it time to warm up and you will see the movement of coolant if it is working.

Can be a hole in the radiator or a problem with one or more of the hoses. A mechanic can run a pressure test to see where the problem(s) are located at.

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