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Not sure quite what youre asking. Do you want to check the fuse? Is that what youre asking? How do I check a fuse. Normally you can see the wire through the middle to give a quick indication. This wont always mean the fuse is ok. The best way is to use a multimeter and measure the resistance of the fuse. It should be really low, ideally 0 ohms.

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Q: How do you test door lock relay fuses?
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How to test door lock?

The best way to test a door lock is to locate the wiring for the door lock usually in door boot or kick panel. Use a test light with a probe and poke each wire until the door lock is activated. How ever be sure to they are not vacumm locks

How can you tell a automatic door lock relay is bad in a ford expedition?

You will need a Multimeter to run some test on the switch and the wiring.

How does a relay door lock work?

Do you: Want to know how they work? Want to know how to test? Want to know how to replace? What kind of vehicle is it in? What are the symptoms? Your question is too vague.

On a 1999 Chevy Suburban the power door locks and power rear door hatch switches aren't working Also the remote lock and panic doesn't work at all Any ideas?

Need to check the body control module, And all fuses with a test light.

I need a 1990 ford explorer fuse panel diagram My fuses have went out on my auto door lock and side mirror adjustment and I don't have a manual that shows what fuses are what Can anyone help Thanks?

just get a test light turn the ignition to the on position and check them all until you find the blown ones

Which fuse-relay corresponds to the brake lights on a 1998 Mercury Mountaineer 2WD?

It should have only a fuse and a switch, no relay. Check ALL of the fuses with a test light.

Why does Central locking not work on back passenger door Ford Falcon gli?

probably because the door lock actuator for that door is faulty. i would test the actuator first.

97 Oldsmobile aurora cooling fans wont go on and fans test OK and fan relay OK and fans do not run with AC set on so what do you check next?

Fuses. If fuses OK, read PCM datastream.

I just replaced the fuel pump and fuel filter on a 1996 Chrysler town and country. The van will not start. What else could be the problem?

these computer vehicle if they do not start ck all fuses & relay , can be locate under the hood or under the dash or both location , can use a test lite to ck fuse ,be sure you got a good ground on the test lite.On top of the fuse have on opening to ck. The key have to be in the RUN position to ck all fuses. As for relay most of the relay are the same , if horn is working ,can use this relay to ck other relay. good luck.

1999 cadillac dome light and cigarette lighter does not respond when door opened and all Fuses look ok?

test BODY fuse with a testlight

Interior lights do not work when door opens all fuses are good ford escort?

Have you checked the bulb? Put a test light across the terminals.

Replaced two batteries already-something still drawing power from batteries what do you do first?

You have to find out what is drawing power. Look at all interior lights, glove box, trunk, under hood, all lights including brake lights. If none of them are on it may be a relay such as a power window or door lock relay that is stuck. Can also be one of the p/w switches stuck in the up position. Test them all to see. If you are unable to find it in this manner, then start by removing fuses. Once you get to the circuit that is drawing power you will know by the spark when you remove the fuse.

How do you program the key fob on a 1996 GMC Safari?

sit in drivers seat with all doors closed. hold the door lock button in the unlock position while rotating the ignition key from lock to on (do not start) position,back to lock, back to on ,thenback to lock. release door unlock button. door locks should cycle twice to indicate programming mode is activated. take fob and depress both lock and unlock buttons at the same time for 15 seconds. locks will cycle when fob frequency is accepted. test fob. lock,unlock etc. additional fobs may be programed at this time by holding both lock and unlock buttons down on fob until door locks cycle. test that fob for function. rotate ignition key to on position to exit activation program.

How do you test the coolant fan relay?

Use a test light. You should have power coming in on a larger wire pretty much all the time. You have a signal wire that is only hot when the fan is needed. Turn the ac on. the fan should run anytime it's turned on. if that works, your relay works. As always, check the fuses.

Why would the fuel door not open on a 1997 Cadillac Catera?

There is an electronic release button located on the dash that activates a solenoid which prevents other people from getting to your gas filler cap for security. Solenoid could be shot, or fuses, or a relay. Buy a test light and start tracing the circuit or bring it to the dealership.

How do you test Air Ride Compressor if its not turning on on a 96 Lincoln mark 8?

If the compressor isn't shot you can change the relay, it's the same one that's on the Anti Lock brakes. The air ride one is on the passenger side and the Anti Lock brake relay is on the driver's side, this way you won't have to buy one if that's not the problem. If the compressor isn't shot you can change the relay, it's the same one that's on the Anti Lock brakes. The air ride one is on the passenger side and the Anti Lock brake relay is on the driver's side, this way you won't have to buy one if that's not the problem.

How do you test vehicle relay switches?

The quickest & easiest way to test a relay is by substitution. It can be bench tested using wires and a test lamp.

Why doesnt your dome light does turn on inside your 1995 dodge neon?

I suspect a faulty door jamb switch; remove yours and test for power at the switch. Start with the drivers door. This could also be a faulty acc relay. with the driver's door open, press and release the door jamb switch, do you hear a little click noise from under the dash? if not, you may need to replace your relay

How do you replace a driver side exterior door handle on a 1999 Chevy Suburban?

Take it to the dealer, this is not an easy job. Take it to the dealer, this is not an easy job. I did replace the outside door handle on my 1999 suburban drivers door. It is not a easy job and was very frustrating. Remove the inside door panel. The door handle is held on by two screws. There are also two rods to deal with. one for the lock the other for opening the door. Do not get them mixed up. I was able to get the new handle in with the door lock only partially in the new handle. Then with the new handle screwed in I was able to push the lock all the way into place. Test and replace door panel.

How do you check overload relay?

how to test over load relay in power panels

How do you test the air conditioner relay on '97 Ford Ranger?

Swap the relay with another like relay.

How do you test a key?

you put it in he lock

Where is the relay and fuse for the sunroof located on a 1999 Mercury Villager?

Check all of the fuses with a test light. It is the same fuse as your interior lights. Its the 4th one down on the right side or your fuse panel. Its a 15.

What fuses on a 2000 dodge neon would prevent the car from cranking over?

Test starter relay first, assuming already checked the charging system and starter. ASD (Auto Shutdown Relay) can also cause a no-crank problem. Both of those relays have a fuse. Both relays and associated fuses are located in power distribution center (fuse box) in engine compartment, next to the battery. The cover labels the location of all fuses and relays. Unless you have no power for lights and radio, fuses located under dash are probably not causing problem for starter. If you find a blown fuse, you must find the source and correct to avoid continually blowing fuses.

How can my signal lights stop blowing fuses the left turn signal does not blow fuses the right side and hazard flashers blow fuses everytime bulbs relay underhood electrical plug ins to bulbs test o.k?

Check the wiring for damage or grounding problems and thoroughly examine the trailer plug if you have one. If you can't find any problems there, check the turn signal switch.