How do you test for current draw in a car using a volt meter?

You get a properly sized low value resistance of high accuracy like 1% known resistance say 1 ohm.

Then you place the wire that you want to measure in series with the resistor and place the voltmeter across the resistor.

So if you have a 1 ohm resistor and the meter is reading 1 volt then you have 1 amp flowing in there.

you need to unhook the negative battery cable and set your mutimeter to amps and connect it between the negetive cable and the battery and that will tell you what kind of draw you have just make sure that your multi meter is set up right

You can't measure the current drawn by a car. The current is WAY to high for most meters. Most meters will only measure up to 10Amps. The first guy has the best idea. Get a 1ohm resistor and measure the voltage across it. The voltage measured divided by the resistor value equals the current consumption.

If you have to use a voltmeter the first answer is right just make sure its a 5 or 10 watt resistor at least and don't turn the key definitely.Just measure for current being taken that shouldn't be.

And yes you can use an ammeter to measure the current make sure its on the correct range (1 amp or 10 amp is better) and don't turn the key just check for current being drawn other than the starter and relay.If you turn the key big trouble lol.Probably burn out the meter burn yourself if using a resistor or just not good :) And don't wory about a 1% resistor 5% or 10 % is fine to just get a good idea of the amount of current.