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how to replace the water pump on a 1998 Honda Accord

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Q: How do you test oxygen sensor for 1990 accord?
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Why would Honda Accord fail emissions test at idle speed?

I would try oxygen sensor but you need to put it on the machine which will tell you for sure. good luck

Is there a Engine coolant sensor test for a carbureted 87 accord with a single sensor wire?

You can test the engine coolant sensor by using an ohmmeter. Attach the positive and negative probes to the terminals of the coolant sensor.

How do you fix an oxygen sensor on a 1997 Accord?

The only fix is to replace it. If you are mechanicly inclined, this is a doable deal. Before you replace the sensor you should check the wiring for resistance you can use a volt/ohms meter (vom) and test the continuity of the wiring to the sensor.

How you can test the oxygen sensors?

There really isn't any way to test the oxygen sensor to see if it is good or bad. If your check engine light is on you can take it to Autozone and they will hook it up to computer and if the oxygen sensor is bad, the computer will detect it.

Can an oxygen sensor cause a failed emissions test?

only in California

How do you fix P0430 catalyst systems low efficiency?

Check for exhaust leaks, test oxygen sensor operation, replace the catalytic converter.Check for exhaust leaks, test oxygen sensor operation, replace the catalytic converter.

How do you test of a 4Runner oxygen sensor?

You need to pull the code. Don't take a chance.

What does code P1167 mean for a 1998 Honda Accord?

o2 sensor My list shows P1167 Invalid Test,throttle not depressed

Will a oxygen sensor have anything to do with starting a 2004 Chevy silverado?

No. Check the battery first. Then test for spark, fuel pressure, and test your coils.

What diagnostic test measures the oxygen saturation level in the blood?

In hospital premises It may be ABG Analysis (arterial blood gas). Blood wil take from the superficial artery and does the test. Another way is by SPo2 sensor machines, that is saturation point of oxygen sensor machines.

Can an oxygen sensor cause the car to fail emissions test?

Yes, along with dozens of other things.

How do you test a 1999 daewoo nubira oxygen sensor when the car goes for the smog test it says obd2 fail?

obd2 means on board diagnostics failed not o2 sensor, 1st have to figure out why obd2 failed.

How can you find out if an ECU is bad on a 1990 Honda accord with a 2.2 motor can not get spark?

Many auto parts retailers can test it for you if you remove it and take it in.

Why is my 1990 Honda accord missing ive changed the plugs and wires and still no luck?

Do a compression test to determine condition of engine internals

What is the best and cost effective way to manage oxygen sensor problem for a 1997 Honda accord dx model midas told you to use racing gas once and then premium gas is that the best option please help?

oxygen sensor is basically a thermocouple. its voltage will vary with the oxygen content in the exhaust stream and must be heated to its operating temperature in order for it to work. most new sensors are of the heated variety so they will work sooner and at idle when the older versions won't. if your sensor is lazy, nothing you can do for it but replace it. sensors can be destroyed by leaded fuels, silica contamination and such or someone trying to test one without proper test equipment.

How do you check the mass airflow sensor on 1982 280zx?

Reassure the resistor of the hot wire anenmeter to determine if it has failed. This can be done at the same time that you test the oxygen sensor.

99 windstar is running lean did diagnostic test said bank 1 and 2?

Bank 1 is the upper oxygen sensor(s) before the catalyst (catalytic converter) bank 2 is the oxygen sensor after the catalyst (catalytic converter)

What do these trouble codes mean on a 94 Lincoln town car 111 172 176 181 and 189?

I just ran a diagnostic test on my 1993 Towncar yesterday and got the codes 172 (oxygen sensor), 175 (oxygen sensor, 176 (oxygen sensor), 181 (rich), 189 (rich) and 332 ( gas resonator flow detected if that help you any.

How do you test for a faulty oxygen sensor on a Mazda-1994 323f V6?

My 94 Mazda v6 323f feels like its going to die if i press the accelerator fast, but if i build up the revs slowly, it is smooth. The idle is smooth too. Is this an O2 sensor problem or another? How do I test if the sensor is faulty or not?

What are the 21 32 55 codes on 1995 dodge caravan?

Codes 21- (A). Oxygen sensor stays at center neither rich or lean signal is detected from oxygen sensor input. OR (B). oxygen sensor shorted to voltage, oxygen sensor voltage maintained above normal range(1990 and later models. 32-(A). EGR solenoid circuit-an open or shorted condition detected in the EGR solenoid (some California models) Or (B) EGR system failure- Required change air/fuel ratio not dected during diagnostic test(some California models) And lastly 55-N/A Completionof fault code display on the CHECK ENGINE light

Will oxygen sensor in exhaust system stick and drain battery?

most modern lambda sensors have a heating element and relay which can drain the battery. To test, disconnect the sensor ,if found to be the cause buy new lambda sensor and check wiring.

1990 Colt Low Nox won't pass inspection.Has new converter.?

Have a qualified test the oxygen sensor on a lab scope the information from the signal should tell them whether the vehicle is in proper fuel control.this info should help them to correct your emmision failure.

Your 98 Chevy s10 fails smog test have replaced everything but egr valve and oxygen sensor what else can you do?

A faulty EGR valve can cause a 98 Chevy to fail a smog test. The oxygen sensors should also be tested as they can also cause a 98 Chevy to fail a smog test.

How do you test a Crankshaft position sensor on 2.2 l SFI cavalier?

how to test crank sensor

How do you fix P0420 catalyst efficiency below threshold?

Check for exhaust leaks, test oxygen sensor operation, replace the catalytic converter.

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