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Get an OBD II scan tool that will show live data. (most autoparts store have loaners, be sure to ask for one the will show live data) Pull up the RPM reading and crank the engine over. Hold accelerator to floor to shut off fuel to the engine. No reading find the crank sensor, inspect for damage, unplug electrical connector and clean it with electrcial contact cleaner spray and then plug the connector back into the sensor. Crank the engine while watching for RPM reading, again hold down the accelerator to prevent fuel flow to the engine. If you have RPM reading now sensor is ok, engine should run. I have seen to many Sables with just dirty connections at the crank sensor. The sensor by nature is very durable and should not fail. If you still do not see RPM you may have a internally damaged sensor or wiring problem.

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That is correct but the best way to tell if the crank sensor is bad is if the car doesnt crank when its unpluged and cranks when its plugged up then its good.

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Q: How do you test the crankshaft position sensor on a 1996 Plymouth breeze?
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