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How do you text on your cell phone?


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go to menu messaging create message type your message and send it


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You cannot text from a cell phone that is not charged.You can text to a cell phone that is not charged; however, the recipient will not be able to receive the text until the phone is charged.

No. You can only text from a cell phone.

when the disconnected cell phone turns on then it will have the message (text) in it.

Happy quotes can be text to a cell phone. Using the email program on their computer, someone can send a text message directly to a cell phone, as long as they know which cell phone provider someone recipient uses.

The brand of cell phone that has large text is the Cricket phone. The Cricket has large text, a larger numbered key pad and a lighted dial.

a text message on a cell phone means someone texting another person

No you do not need a special cell phone. SMS text is a basic vertion that almost all cell phone are manfactured useing. For sms text not to work you would have to be useing a cell phone from the early 90's

You cannot make a cell phone microscope. A cell phone is for talking and to text.

You can call on it but you can not text on it

It depends on what kind of cell phone plan you have and if you have paid for it. If you have a cell phone plan that is text messaging only, then yes, you can text but not call people. Otherwise, you should contact your cell phone service provider to find out the details of the cell phone plan you have.

not from a traditional land line phone.

(1) Get his cell phone number. (2) Text.

There are two options one can use to send texts. First is sending from a text based cell phone to another text based cell phone. The second option is sending a text from a computer to another person's cell phone. This can be done by going online to your cell provider's website. Some websites also offer free texting services such as Text Em' and TXT 2 Day.

Cell phone carriers do not show text messages on their phone bill. Most cell phone carriers will only show the phone numbers of the sent and received messages.

You can, but it costs extra money from your account.

You have to download text free of textplus of course. You can text anyone who can text from their cell phone.

If you have text messaging you can send the photo to the other phone through there.

the same thing you do when you text in america, just text them something and send it to their phone #

Get a different phone, or text real slow and then you will get used to texting and eventually text really fast!

It could be the Sprint customer has shut off the ability to receive text messages.

t A cell phone has many uses, but u can call or text by asking somebody

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