How do you think His rejection of toleration affected relations between Hindus and Muslims?


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because Hinduism & Islam are almost opposite. Also the division of India made people of both Religion believe that other Religion is responsible for this. Thus.


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The relations between Muslims and Christians in Axum were peaceful. The Axum was on good terms with their Islamic neighbors.

Muslims were affected by Indian life, culture and society in their architecture and art, which acquired Indian styles.

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The Quran affected the Muslims' and the world's lives.

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Non-Muslims were the primary tax base in most of the territories conquered by the Muslims and were the primary group of educated and skilled individuals in the various regions. Not tolerating the Non-Muslims would have led to their exodus from the region and a loss of revenue and skill that would be irreplaceable.

The crusades affected the Muslims because the Muslims had what the crusaders wanted the crusaders went to war against the Muslims trying to get that "thing" back, which was Constantinople, and the crusaders killed half of Muslims to try and get Constantinople back.

Sure. The proof on that is that Muslims controlled Spain for over 800 years and while the majority of the Spanish remained on their original religions over all this period. Muslims in Spain is less than 1% nowadays. Refer to question below.

It united people in India to seek independence. Relations between Muslims and Hindus in India had always been cordial. The pact was between POLITICAL parties, not between religious factions.

sir sayed message to Muslims was to gwet western education and to improve their relations with british to get separate country for themselves...

North African Tribes like the Mande/Mandinka were convinced to become Muslims due to their trade relations with Muslims. They like what they observed and brought the traditions home to their families.

the crusades brought the closer in contact with the Muslims and their ways of living.

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Well the Muslims achived a lot of things. For example... Engineering, science and technology, art, community relations, sport, enterprise, children's excellence and much, much more.

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It is something that not banned per Islam teachings as it leads to solidarity and good relations.

It is not true that Muslims hate the UK. Many Muslims live in UK in harmony and good relations with the UK people. Muslims may hate some of the policies of the UK politicians when their policies are directed against Islam religion or against their country native interests and independence.

This entirely depends on the region in question. For places under Muslim control or for places with a Muslim minority or that deal with Islamic countries or Muslims, see the Related Questions below. _________________________________________________________ It affected positively their lives. Refer to questions below on Islam morals and on how Muslims treat non Muslims.

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The British and Islam have had relations in various countries for 300 years and they have been incredibly varied. Some have been incredibly negative such as the relations in India during the Sepoy Mutiny. In that case, the relations between Muslims and British was not so good because the Muslims were accused of causing of the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 and were not to be trusted by anyone. There have also been positive relations such as those between the British and Kuwaitis concerning the liberation of that country in 1991 from Saddam Hussein. Within the United Kingdom, Muslims are full British citizens with all of the rights and responsibilities of the British electorate. In order to give a more complete answer, please be specific as to where and when the particular relations to be analyzed took place.

The During the Reconquest of Spain, period Muslims were permitted to live in much the same way as they had prior to the onset of Reconquest. This period of toleration lasted from roughly 900 C.E. until 1492 C.E. when the Muslims were expelled from Spain along with the Jews.

Different sources say different things. 2.5 million Muslims per Pew Forum study as of October 2009. see link below. 2.7 million Muslims per Council on American Islamic Relations as of 2011. 5-7 million Muslims per CNN reports (not cited).

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