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Q: How do you think can each domain be further honed?
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What does mravery do with the stick of stovewood each week?

He honed it down to a toothpick and chewed it

Is it possible to register a domain name for free?

"I think that most places that you register a domain name make you pay a certain fee each month to have the domain name, but I could be wrong. Find an IT person and ask them."

Each domain in an Active directory installation is a separate what?

Administrative domain.

What is one characteristic from the domain Eukarya and one characteristic each of each kingdom in the domain Eukarya?

big asses

What is domain trust relationship?

Each Domain in a active directory forest has a what kind trust relationship with every other domain in a forest?

How do you find the domain if you are given the range?

Use the function to find the image of each point in the domain. The set of values that you get will be the range. If the function is well behaved, you will not have to try each and every value in the domain.

Name a function where each domain element is mapped to the same range element?

What is a function where each domain element is mapped to the same range element.

How many domain names are registered each month?

There is no limit. You can register any number of domain names.

What has a trust relationship with each domain in an Active Directory forest with every other domain in the forest?

two-way transitive for domain in the same forest

How does the domain relate to a function?

Any function is a mapping from a domain to a codomain or range. Each element of the domain is mapped on to a unique element in the range by the function.

What kingdoms fall in each domain?

Protista, Plantae, Fungi, and Animalia all fall under the domain Eukarya.

What is RID master?

What is the RID Master role? The RID Master is one of the operations master roles that exist in each domain in a forest. It controls the sequence number for the domain controllers within a domain. It provides a unique sequence of RIDs to each domain controller in a domain. When a domain controller creates a new object, the object is assigned a unique security ID consisting of a combination of a domain SID and a RID. The domain SID is a constant ID, whereas the RID is assigned to each object by the domain controller. The domain controller receives the RIDs from the RID Master. When the domain controller has used all the RIDs provided by the RID Master, it requests the RID Master to issue more RIDs for creating additional objects in the domain. When a domain controller exhausts its pool of RIDs, and the RID Master is unavailable, any new object in the domain cannot be created

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