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They would not be too pleased with the USA of today

  • On the positive side, most Americans are GOOD & DECENT people and we love our country very much. It is some of the politicians to whom we have entrusted the destiny of our country who have put the USA in such a negative light to the rest of the world. We can vote and hope that we can elect honest people who understand what our USA is supposed to be and pray that they take a course of action to return our country to what it was intended to be when the founding "...fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal... and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."
  • On the negative side, political corruption and malfeasance have transformed the dreams of our founding fathers into a country that, at this time, is very different than what they had envisioned.
  • The system of checks and balances between the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches of the government is not being followed by current and recent administrations regardless of their political party affiliation.
  • The Executive branch does pretty much what it wants to do and is rarely challenged, much less chastised, by the Legislative or Judicial branches.
  • The Legislative branch, or Congress, was assigned the power to declare war by the Constitution, but the Executive branch, or Presidency, has entered into many armed conflicts without a formal declaration of war by Congress. The last declared war in which our country fought was WW 2. Tens of thousands of our brave USA soldiers have died in these undeclared wars.
  • Our civil rights and liberties as USA citizens are being infringed upon in the name of fighting terrorism. Terrorism is a very bad thing, but it should not cause USA citizens to relinquish our rights that were granted to us in our Constitution.
  • The USA, so proudly hailed in our National Anthem as "...the land of the free....", has the highest number of people in prison, per capita, in the world.
  • Our national debt has risen to over $8 trillion and is increasing at a rate of $500 billion per year.
  • Billions of dollars are spent on the military-industrial complex while millions of citizens can not afford health insurance.
  • Billions of dollars are spent on "pork barrel" projects, many of which are ridiculous, ludicrous, and wasteful, and are only beneficial to a small percentage of our population.
  • Taxes are high for our middle-income citizens and relatively lower for our high-income citizens and corporations.
  • Justice is often administered differently for our high-income citizens and corporations than it is for our middle and low-income citizens.
  • Our government practices selective favoritism with other countries. We can not trade with Cuba because it is a Communist country but China, the largest nation in the world, is also Communist and we would be hard pressed to shop in any store without seeing a large percentage of merchandise made in Communist China.
  • Our government tells us that the war in Iraq is being fought to bring democracy to that country, but our Middle-Eastern allies Bahrain, Kuwait (both constitutional monarchies) and Saudi Arabia (absolute monarchy) are not democracies either. Why do we not make efforts towards those countries to give their citizens democracy?
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What were the founding fathers views of government?

The founding fathers viewed the government as limited. The government served at the bequest of the people.

What was the primary source of conflict in a society according to the founding fathers?

Founding Fathers believed political parties were the primary source of conflict in a society. They viewed them as factions dangerous to the public interest. Their ideology called for the subordination of marginal interests in favor of the general welfare of the people.

Do you suppose the founding fathers viewed the idea of secession as a states right?

Obviously-they were secessionists. The right of opting out would have been a primary founding principle; these men had just lost families seceeding from Britain.

Why did the founding fathers refused to aprove the right to vote to women?

Because women were viewed as property in those times. Some things should never change

Should the founding fathers general elitism and indifference to the rights of people women African Americans and Indians be held against them or should they be viewed with some understanding?

the founding fathers were neither elitist nor indifferent to people's rights. the better question is whether your teacher's elitism and hatred of the principles of republican self government and individual liberty should be held against her or should she be viewed with understanding? Michael Montagne

Why were political parties viewed as so dangerous by the founding fathers?

The Founding Father's primary concern regarding political parties was that people would grow more loyal to their party than the nation. James Madison is a prominent example of a Founding Father who warned about the dangers of political parties.

Who ruled the dred Scott case?

The Chief Justice was the elderly Roger B. Taney - ironically he'd been an abolitionist as a young man. But he'd become so reactionary that he gave his verdict according to how he thought the Founding Fathers would have viewed slavery in 1776.

How has Christianity had an impact on U.S. history?

Christianity has had an impact on U.S. history because several of the Founding Fathers were Christians, which had an effect on how they viewed government. Christianity has helped provide the moral backbone which made this country great.

Why did our founding fathers keep slavery legal within the US constitution?

Slavery in those days was not looked on with the same distaste it is viewed with in the present day. So to include such things was not out of the ordinary. Thankfully times have changed, and such things would not happen today.

Who was the showman that introduced white teens to rock and roll?

In all probability, the title would go to Allan Freed. His Rock N Roll shows at the Fox and the Paramount in New York were legendary! Google him and you'll find a wealth of information out there. He was viewed by many as on of the founding fathers of Rock N Roll.

Did Alexander Hamilton say you want a strong government?

No, Hamilton supported a loose interpretation of the Constitution.He believed in a very limited Government. You can get many of his views and writings from Gutenberg press. The vast majority of our founding fathers wanted a very weak central Government. They viewed the Federal Government as a needed evil.

How does amino acid sequence compare?

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Why did the south develop a theory of states rights?

They did not develop the theory. The founding fathers developed the theory and the Southern States viewed the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution very conservatively while the North viewed the Constitution as a more breathable and changeable document. The founding fathers viewed Government as a needed evil they wanted to limit as much as possible. They came up with a very ingenuous way to allow it to exist with a check a balance system. They formed a group of sovereign states which had a central group that controlled each States military and was given control of the commerce between these States. The military system is a great example of the wonderful method that the founding fathers divided this power. All enlisted personnel were supplied b y each State. They were supplied and paid for as a unit by each State. The leaders of each group were Federal employees. The leaders were helpless without the power supplied by the States, yet the Federal Government had overall control of the military! This limited the power of each officer to the will of the solders supplied. Money was similar in this period. Each State printed their own supply of money. This money was backed by Value stored in each State's treasury. The founding fathers were afraid of a Government that became so centralized and large as to suck all the money from each State and use it to self enlarge. The South realized this fear, while the North wanted to create a larger more powerful central Government.

What is it called when the apperent shift in the position of an object when viewed from two locations?

Parallax is the apparent difference in the position of a nearer object, compared to more distant background objects, when viewed from two different positions.

Why did the founders specify that 'all bills of revenue' had to originate in the House of Representatives?

When the Constitution was written and the this power was established the Senate was made up of members appointed by State Governors. If the Senate generated Revenue Bills they could be viewed by the people as taxation without representation. The Founding Fathers were trying to limit the taxing ability to members of Congress who were elected by popular vote.

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Why did the founding fathers create the third amendment?

The Founding Fathers had experienced the policy (Quartering Act of 1765) of the British monarchy stipulating that colonists provide temporary housing and other necessities to British soldiers stationed in the American colonies. Viewed as an indirect tax by the colonists, the British government argued that since British Regulars were stationed in North America to protect the colonists from encroachment from both French forces and their Indian allies, the colonists should assist in financing the British expeditionary force. With passage of the Intolerable Acts of 1774, the British monarchy further strengthened the law requiring colonists to quarter soldiers. In particular, British soldiers requesting quarter in the homes of colonists living in Boston, Massachusetts were viewed with suspicion; the belief among many Bostonians was that these soldiers were determining the loyalty of the American colonists and/or attempting to locate members of the Sons of Liberty. In order to avoid this circumstance in the future, the State delegations approved this amendment as part of the Bill of Rights.

What did other countries think of Hitler invading Poland?

Many other countries (namely what would become the Allies) viewed the invasion as a very hostile action. Others turned the other cheek while still others (what would become the Axis powers) viewed it as a way to gain more power.

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