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"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!" If you love more than the physical part of a person and love their soul and heart that is worth more than anything.

I've heard so many men say, "She's good looking, but a perfect bimbo" or "She's a nice looking girl, but no personality." Personality is a big part of our chemistry.

My father told me this "Marcy, don't count on your looks all your life because looks fade and all that is left is what you've made of yourself inside." I've never forgotten that.

If you think it's physical you are in for a sad mistake. It's the total person and real love means not seeing the imperfections in the other person.

Gorgeous eyes, that make you stare at her.. slender legs, and a beautiful smile! Long gorgeous hair, curly or straight!

Breasts truly don't matter but they should stand out at least.

Wear just enough makeup to show yourself but not so much that you look like you're hiding something.

Wearing the right clothes for the right girl helps too..

Healthy! I mean it, beauty is really a measure of health. Bright eyes, white straight teeth, hourglass figure, shiny hair, smooth skin are all indicators of youth and health and are all considered beautiful. Of course so are smiles. Healthy inside and out will always be beautiful and net you complients like "vibrant" instead of the lesser "fashionable." Eat more fresh foods, spend time doing something you love and visit your nearest national park more frequently!

An hourglass figure!

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Q: How do you think the perfect woman should look?
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