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There are two differant ways to throw a basic fastball in softball. there is the west coast pitch : you put your hands above your head and then bring your throwing arm in a ciricle and then release. there is the east coast pitch : you bring your hands to the side of your throwing side and then bring your throwing arm in a rotation and release. you can do either of these no matter where you live. what ever one is easier. personaly i think the west coast pitch is easier. you can also throw change ups, knuckle balls, risers, or a 2 finger pitch.

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How big is a girls fastpitch softball?

the biggest fastpitch softball is 12 in.

What is the true color of a fastpitch softball?

the color of a fastpitch softball is yellow

How fast do they pitch the ball in fastpitch softball?

Many college and professional softball players can throw a fastball 60-70 mph.

Is the rubber closer to the plate in womens fastpitch softball than mens fastpitch softball?

Mens fastpitch softball rubber is 46 feet and womens is 43 feet.

How many strikes in fastpitch?

There are three strikes in Fastpitch softball.

What are facts about fastpitch?

Fastpitch is a type of softballFastpitch is usually thrown with a windmill style pitchYou can steal bases in fastpitch.Fastpitch became popular in the 1930s and 40sFastpitch pitchers have a higher rate of overuse injuries than regular softball pitchers

Can a fastpitch softball 1st base mitt double as a fastpitch catcher's mitt?


How tall is the outfield fence in fastpitch softball?

The height of an outfield fence in fastpitch softball is generally between 4 and 8 feet.

How big is the softball pitching circle in fastpitch softball?

eight foot

How to throw fastpitch softball pitch?

To throw a softball, you pretty much have to have strong arms and ESPECIALLY legs... You start at you hip and bring the ball around your body in a circl , kind of like a windmill, and you release at your hip with a snap in your wrists.

Do you like fastpitch softball?

Yes. Yes I do.

Where is there a good fastpitch softball camp in the Chicago land area for my 12 year old daughter?

Chicago white sox fastpitch softball camp

How many teams are in fastpitch softball?

10 teams are in fast pitch softball.

What is inside a fastpitch softball bat?

Air. A softball bat is an empty cylinder.

Why isn't there professional softball?

There is Pro Softball, it is called the NPF "National Pro Fastpitch"

How many girls play fastpitch softball in the US?


When was fastpitch softball invented?

12 years ago

What is the height limit in fastpitch softball?

There is no height limit.

Is there a framing rule in fastpitch softball?

No there is no framing rule.

What do you do when you get hit by a fastpitch softball?

Go to first base.

What size softball is used for ASA or USSSA women's fastpitch softball?

ASA and USSSA women's softball is classified as a 12 inch softball

Where is nationals in 2012 for 10u softball?

Nationals for 10u 2012 Fastpitch Softball is in Bloomington, Indiana

Where is nationals in 2012 12u softball?

Nationals in 2012 10u Fastpitch Softball is in Moline, Illinois

How many player on the field in softball?

There are nine players at a time on the field for fastpitch softball and ten for slow pitch softball

How far from home plate to second base for a throw from catcher girls fastpitch softball?

Approx. 93 feet from the point of the plate to the center of second base.

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