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There are hundreds of knots, however if you can tie a shoelace, you can tie a knot
There are many types of knots and for many different purposes. The simpest knot is a half hitch, such as is shown used in Western movies to hitch their horse to a rail quickly. This simplest of knots, and buillding block for many others, is made by wrapping the rope around the rail with the hanging end being underneath the working part (the end going to the horse).

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Q: How do you tie a knot?
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How do you tie a bow for a wreath?

You just tie a knot!!!! You just tie a knot!!!!

What type of knot does Stuart Scott use to tie his tie?

a tie knot

What is a Word for to tie a new knot?

To 're-marry' is to tie a new knot...

When you tie your horse to a post you should?

Tie a Quick Release Knot. for HOWRSE; its Tie a loose knot that will give if he spooks or runs

What is the best way to tie a tie for a suit?

This is a personal opinion question but the double windsor knot is the most popular knot for ties in the US and is also to most the most fashionable tie knot in the US as well.

Can a monkey tie a knot?

Tying a knot is not difficult and is often done by accident, so a monkey can definitely tie a knot. However, it is highly unlikely that a useful knot will result.

What kind of knot is used to tie bandages and slings?

A reef knot is used to tie bandages and slings.

How does a shoelace works?

tie a knot and then a bowe and then your shoelace is tied unless u want a double knot then u just tie another knot

How can you tie your own shoe laces?

tie a knot

How do you tie a string bracelet?

Just tie a knot!

What is the hardest knot to tie?

the devils knot it is off of spongebob

What does the idiom tie the knot mean?

To tie the knot means to get married. The image is of two people tied together.

What is the importance of knot tying on board?

Generally you are talking about a complicated knot. I tie a bosn's knot and created a jig to tie it. I edited the question to correct the grammar.

When you tie your horse to a post how should you tie it?

you should tie it in a slip knot

When you tie your horse to a pole should you tie it in a tight knot?

No, a slip not is best. You don't need to tie it in a tight knot that you won't be able to get undone in a hurry.

In what activity might you tie a Palomar knot and Improved Clinch knot or a Snell knot?


What kind of knot is used to tie a boat to a dock?

a triple knot

What is the meaning of tie the knot?

'Tying the knot' means getting married.

How do you tie a Hanover knot?

The Hanover Knot is tying from an inside out staring position and forms a relatively large tie knot. Step by step instructions are provided in the link below -

Should you do tie your horse to a post?

If you use a pony knot (slip knot) to tie them so they can escape if they are distressed it should be safe.

How do you tie a Hercules knot?

Another name for the Hercules knot is the square knot.

What is a common knot used when tying boys ties?

One of the most common knots used to tie and boys tie is the 4-Hand Knot. It is simple to tie, and has a very small knot suitable for smaller necks. It is more casual.

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You tie a square knot.

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Tamaa fundo - as in tie a knot. Or, tie ya shingo - as in necktie