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How do you tie up your horse when bathing him?

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We always used to cross-tie them between 2 posts or trees. Answer: This depends on how much your horse likes to be bathed. If the horse stands well for being groomed and doesn't mind water, soap, etc. leave the halter on and use a lead rope to tie the horse off to a solid object ( sturdy Fencing, tree etc.)or have someone else hold the lead rope while you bathe, this also gives you the ability to move the horse if the ground gets too wet or muddy ( hint: if you wash on the grass you probably won't need to move that much or if grass isn't available put down some hay.) If the horse does NOT like water or a bath use the same method but cross tie ( one lead rope from each of the cheek rings at a 90 degree angle to the horse and keep very little slack in the lead ropes)it will also help to have another person with you to work with the horse, distraction, treats and reassurance all can help to make this a more pleasant experience for the horse and you both. Also, if the horse does not like the hose, try keeping the stream of water right up against the skin, use warm water if possible and wash the head with a small towel, if that still isn't enough try blinders. Keeping the session short and starting from the rear of the horse may also give you better may take a week top give the horse a bath but it will pay off in the long run.

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Is it ok to tie a horse to a pole?

Depends, but no it is not OK you need to tie up your horse up to a horse trailer or were you are supposed to tie your horse

When you tie a horse to a post you do what?

if you tie a horse up you should always tie a quick release knot never leave a horse unattended when he is tied up

Do you tie a loose knot when you tie up your horse?

on howse it is tie a loose not on howse it is tie a loose not

When you tie your horse to a post you?

when you tie your horse up to a post you put water and food so it can drink and eat.

When you tie a horse up you should?

do it tight

How can you make a toy horse jump?

tie a string to the horse and flick it up

Do you tie your horse to a pole tight or loose?

If you are going to tie your hours up you need to tie it up tight so it dont get away.

When you tie up a horse should tie him loose?

Tie him tight, but not so tight that if you needed to get him loose you couldn't.

When you tie your horse up you how should you tie the rein or lead rope?

you should use a quick release not

What do you tie up a horse with?

You should do it with a rope and make sure it is not to tight.

How do you tie up your horse on club pony pals?

You tie your horse up by putting its halter on, in the stall you click on the halter and drag it to your horses face. Now you can groom and tack it up. When you have tacked up unclip the leadrope attached and exit the stall.

When you tie a horse to a post do you tie a loose not that will give if he spooks or runs or you should never tie a horse or tie a very tight not to stop it from getting away or none of these?

When training a horse, you wanna tie a knot that is tighter but will give. but if you are talking about a trained horse, you should be able to just tie it loose. so if the horse does spook it can get away. because if the horse does spook and cannot get away, the horse will go into flight mood and will more than likely break the halter of lead and run for a long time; where as if the horse can get away he/she might run away from the post, but will more than likely stop before he/she gets to far. u should tie your horse up with a quick release knot

When you tie up a horse should you tie him tight?

you should try to. if you dont, most horses would take it to their advantage and get out.

When you tie a horse to a post you should?

Tie it very tight so that the horse can not get away.

How do you select a horse on red dead redemption?

When at any big town you can go in the horse pen and ride one then tie it up then on it is your horse

Howrse answer for when you tie your horse to a post what should you do?

When you tie your horse to a post, you should: Tie a loose knot that will give if he spooks or runs

What is a horse collar?

A Horse collar is something that goes around a horses head so that you can lead it round with you or tie it up but not tight in a horse box

When you tie your horse to a post how should you tie it?

you should tie it in a slip knot

How do you tie up your horse?

With a quick release knot that you can undo by pulling on one end.

What is the correct way to tie a horse?

You tie it to his nose then you ride

How do you tie the horse securely?

you have to tie it from both sides of the halter

Is it safe to muck-out with a horse in your stables?

Yes if the horse is well behaved and is not aggressive. If you are not sure of the horse then put a head collar on and tie it up in the stable. I have two horses one is a angel in the box and stays out of the way and lets you muck out , the other I have to tie up as she threatens to bite if you have anything that she sees as a threat in your hand. It all comes down to common sense , if the horse doesn't like people in the stable then muck out when it is turned out or tie up somewhere safe.

Should you tie a tight knot when tying your horse to a post?

No. You should not tie a knot when your horse is going to be tied to a post. You should always tie a loose not just in case the horse gets spooked or frightened. Never ever tie a tight not. I

When you tie your horse to a post how do you tie it?

You should tie a knot, not too tight, but make sure that the rope is long so your horse can move its head freely.

When would you use a halter?

Halters are the most used horse tack! Before you do anything with horses, you should know about it. Halters are how you lead the horse. You use a halter whenever you lead a horse or tie it up. The lead rope attaches to the halter and is what you hold and tie it with.

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