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How do you tighten down hydraulic rockers to specifications without over tightening?


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torque wrench Not with a torque wrench ! Obtain your proper specs (clearance and sequence at TDC for each corresponding valve) set the valves using the specs obtained and the proper thickness gauge .Tighten each rocker to valve clearance until you have a slight drag on your gauge between the rocker and valve.


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I think you will find that the lifters are hydraulic which means they are non adjustable. They either need replacing or the rockers need replacing.

the only thing to tighten is the spindle nut and i think that was 125 ft/lbs.

There is no tightening. It is hydraulic and self-adjusting. If you have little or no clutch, you need a new clutch or something is wrong in the hydraulics.

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solid or hydraulic cam/lifters? If it is hydraulic, and the lifters are pumped up, you need to tighten the rocker nut until it *just* starts to grasp the pushrod (spin the pushrod while tightening the nut to feel it) Now, tighten the nut from the 12 o'clock position to the 4 o'clock position. Do this with each rocker with each cylinder at TDC of the compression stroke. Cams have cross duration, so the cylinder must be TDC on compressions stroke before adjusting the valves of that cylinder.

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Begin by tightening the head bolts on each corner of the head. Next, tighten the center head bolts. Tighten the bolts on each end of the head and move towards the center.

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The same way you tighten any other nut. Use the appropriate tool to the recommended specifications.

To adjust hydraulic lifters with the engine off, turn the crankshaft until the lifter is on the camshaft base circle (not the lobe). The valve must be fully closed. Loosen the adjusting nut until you can wiggle the pushrod up and down. Then slowly tighten the rocker until all play is out of the valve train (cannot wiggle pushrod). Repeat the adjusting procedure on the other rockers. To adjust hydraulic lifters with the engine running, install a special oil shroud or some other device for catching oil spray off the rocker. Start and run the engine until it reaches operating temperature. Tighten all rockers until they are quiet. One at a time, loosen a rocker until it clatters. Then tighten the rocker slowly until it quiets down. This is zero valve lash.

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lossen the plug and pump handle slowly till fluid comes out, tighten plug.

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For the 1992 Chevy S-10, 2.2 liter, first tighten the cylinder head bolts to 40-47 ft. lbs. If you're using new bolts finishing tightening them to 54-61 ft. lbs. If you're using the original bolts, finish tightening them to 61-69 ft. lbs.

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The Honda had bolt tightening sequence begins with the head bolts on each end of the head. Tighten the head bolts moving to the center, alternating from and to end.

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