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u can take out the play in the wheel threw the steering box

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โˆ™ 2010-01-26 04:24:25
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Q: How do you tighten loose steering on 89 ford bronco?
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1988 ford bronco steering column 1993 bronco?


Will a 1985 ford bronco 2 steering column fit a 1989 ford ranger?


How do you remove the fan on a 1990 ford bronco 2?

engine fan has treads backwards to tighten while engine is would work loose if it did not. turn it to tighten it like a regular bolt to remove it hope this helps

Fix power steering leak 1995 ford bronco?

power steering fluid dumped out what caused this

Will a ford bronco 1985 steering column fit in a jeep yj?

Not without expensive modification

Where is the horn on a 1984 ford bronco II?

its on the turn signal, push it in towards the steering column.

Where is the inertia switch located on the 1989 Ford Bronco?

On the interior firewall to the left of the steering column

Why does the steering for your ford bronco pull to the left or right depending on what way you turn a corner?

The steering of your Bronco could be pulling because your alignment may be off. Only a certified mechanic can reset your alignment.

Is their an air bag on the steering wheel bronco 1996?

( Yes ) a 1996 Ford Bronco has a drivers side air bag It will show " SRS " in the middle of the steering wheel SRS means Supplemental Restraint System

Why did you loose over drive on your 1986 ford bronco?

when my transmission was no longer good about 225,ooo klm

Where are the grease points on a 1990 ford bronco?

4 on the front steering linkage, check u joints they might have them. not many on the bronco. I do mine with a single tube of Lube.

How do you check power steering fluid on a 1987 ford bronco?

Remove the cap and check the level when the fluid is hot.

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