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How do you tighten the serpentine belt on a 96 Windstar?


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2015-07-16 18:26:27
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Windstar 3.8 serpentine belt is tensioned by a belt tensioner. This is a pulley about 4" in diameter toward the back of the engine with a built in spring that pivots the pulley toward the back of the engine keeping the belt tight. there is no adjustment. Put a long rod into the gap just to the right of the pulley and rotate the pulley upwards by pushing down. You will be pushing against the spring. This also allows removal of the belt.


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Replace or tighten the A/C belt. If equipped with a serpentine belt, replace it.

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No your timing belt/chain is different from your serpentine belt. Just make sure the groves on the belt match the groves on the pullies. Other wise you will have premature belt failure.

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the only belt with a tensioner is the timing belt, to tighten the alt belt loosen the adjustment bolt then tap the alt back then retighten the bolt

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One belt in two configurations. One for cars with AC and one for cars without.

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If you're certain that the sound is from the serpentine belt you should check the belt tensioner. A weak tensioner spring will result in slipping and a noisy belt.

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