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With cable ties or velcro band

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Q: How do you tighten the trunk cable?
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How do you tighten a loose battery cable?

Use the appropriate socket on the nut and tighten it. Make sure the cable is in the correct position first.

Instructions on how to tighten the throttle cable on a 1995 ford escort lx?

loosen cable(bolt on either side of the support) adjust the cable using the bolts, then re-tighten

Why wont my 1995 Nissan maxima trunk open?

The cable or lock connected to the cable is not working. The body or trunk is bent.

Trunk stuck shut in a 1998 Camry?

How difficult is it ro replace the trunk cable in a 1998 camry? The trunk is stuck shut and I was told the cable snapped. Thanks!

2004 Rav4 handbrake lever loose how do you tighten it?

its normally mechnical so find the steel cable and find the nut on the cable of the parking brake "handbrake" and tighten

The bus cable to which computers on the Ethernet is connected?

The bus cable to which computers on the Ethernet is connected is called the trunk. If the trunk breaks, a bus topology is completely disrupted.

How do you open back trunk no key trunk release cable broken?

To open a trunk when there is no key and the cable release is broken, it is necessary to remove the back part of the rear seat. In some vehicles there is a small part of the bench seat back that will pull down to access the trunk.

What hardware does a bus topology need?

A bus topology needs a trunk cable, which is a high speed central cable to which all the nodes can be connected. If the trunk cable breaks down, however, the whole network comes to a halt.

What connects all devices to a trunk cable?


How can you get the gas door open without using the cable?

Look in the trunk- there ought to be an emergency release- you might have to pull the trunk's liner back a bit to access this cable with a tab attached to it.

Where is the negative battery cable in a BMW 325i?

My negative battery cable on my 1987 BMW 325is is in the trunk.

How do you open trunk for 1999 Porsche boxster if trunk release cable is broke and key is in trunk?

dealers can do it - they have a way to get in from the engine compartment but won't share how it is done :(

What do you do when you can't get the fuel door open on the 2001 VW Beetle?

Place fingernails under outer edge of fuel door. Lift and push door towards the middle of the vehicle. This has always worked for me since the fuel door release stopped working correctly. You can acces the fuel door release cable from the inside of the trunk. Just remove the circular plastic cover inside the trunk nearest to the fuel door, pull the cable until the door releases. To fix this problem permanently you will need to tighten this cable.

How do you adjust the clutch on a 2003 Kia Rio?

they have a cable clutch, so you will have to find where the cable connects to the motor and transmission and there will be a nut on the end of the clutch cable.....tighten the nut ...but not too much you will have to tighten a little and see if that's enough however normally it is the begining of the end when you have to do that.

How do you open trunk when cable release is broken?

With a key or from the inside.

What network topology connects to a trunk cable?

Bus Topology.

Why doesn't my choke cable remain out on my 1998 wide glide?

You need to adjust the Vernier knob on the choke. It is located behind the choke knob. It is a knurled ring that you tighten up to tighten the shaft friction on the choke cable

Why is the trunk latch on your 2002 Honda Civic not opening the trunk when you press it?

The reason is because the cable connecting to the latch has already been over stretched. Changing a new cable should rectify your problem.

How to fix Ford Aspire parking brake?

I used a old time E-brake cable adjuster. Basically it connects to the cable on either side of a J type hook when you tighten the j-hook it pulls the slack out of the cable. Be careful not to tighten to much as the cable would break. Some cables are enclosed and this cable tensioner won't work, It worked on my aspire OK.

I have a 1990 Honda Accord that's easy to break into. You can pop the trunk once in the car. How do I stop someone from breaking into my car's trunk?

there is a cable that runs from the trunk release lever to the latch inside the trunk. you should be able to disconnect it from the latch inside the trunk

02 Mazda pro 5 e brake cable loose?


Is there a way to manually open the gas tank and trunk on a Cadillac 2003 Deville?

Release cable in trunk up against firewall in rear

How do you adjust throttle cable on 94 olds ciera?

To adjust the throttle cable, first open the hood of the car and locate the cable. Then, adjust the screws on either side of the cable. Following that, tighten the cable so that it is taut and there is no slack, but it is not over tight.

How do you tighten clutch cable on 94 ford ranger?

I have no clue... I need help on that too...

How do you tighten throttle cable?

You buy a new one because throttle cables are not adjustable.

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