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Your first step is to remove the steering wheel, then use the proper tools to tighten the torx-shaped nuts inside the wheel.

The tools you will need:

Steering wheel puller (VERY important, don't try without. I hate unitaskers, but this is one you'll have to buy. ) $20.

Steering wheel...replacer? Kind of the same thing, but opposite. Not necessarily required. $20

Loc-tite. Keeps the bolts from re-loosening after you're done. $2-5 a tube

Phillips-head screwdriver

Socket set

Small set of TORX sockets. Not hex sockets, Torx sockets! I know, screwed me up, too. $10-20

-Disconnect the battery or the two horns. If you don't, the whole process will be very loud.

-Remove the two Phillips screws from the back of the steering wheel; they hold the front cover and center horn button in place.

-Remove the giant bolt from the center column; this holds the actual wheel on.

-Using the steering wheel puller, remove the steering wheel itself (this is fairly straightforward once you see what the puller looks like). Watch out! When it finally breaks loose, it can be fairly fast and snappy. Keep your face far back.

-Remove the left control knob/bar (the one that does the CC and wipers).

-Remove the white plastic ring that's around the column; this is what controls your blinkers using the switch on the right side.

Okay, now you should be able to see down into the column internals. If you can't see too much, straighten the tilt joint and grab a flashlight. Inside there should be three Torx bolts...on mine, two were black and one was gold. Use your Torx socket set to remove these bolts, slap them with some Loc-Tite, and replace them. Only do one at a time! If you pull all three, bad voodoo can happen.

You may have a tough time reaching one of the three bolts (the bottom one, IIRC). I couldn't get to it all the way because my Torx sockets were too big, and I was too lazy to file them down around the edges, so it was only partially tightened. This is okay! I only ended up fully tightening two of them, but the column is still very snug two years later, and I am a crazy driver. But, remember to use the Loc-Tite! I actually had to do this project twice because I was too cheap to use some the first time, and they loosened up again. I guess that stuff actually works.

Reassemble everything in the opposite order you removed it (paying careful attention to the high-beam switch; it's trickier than it looks), and enjoy having a functional, safe steering wheel again!

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Q: How do you tighten up the steering column on a 1988 Oldsmobile Delta 88 Royale?
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