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There should be a sticker on the fan shroud telling you which wire to disconnect. On the older tbi motors it was tan with a black stripe i believe. Disconnect this wire, the loosen the dist. bolt and check the timing with a timing gun. Rotate the dist. until you get the desired timing then tighten the dist. bolt and connect the tan wire.

On a vortec engine you have to have a engine scanner to adjust the timing. But if there is no check engine light on then the timing is correct all ready. It is controled by the computor, There is no ajustment needed.

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Q: How do you time a 350 Vortec Chevy?
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Are the heads on a 1992 Chevy 350 vortec or not?

No, the 1992 Chevy 350 (5.7L) V8 is not a Vortec engine.

Will a distributor from a 90 Chevy 350 work in a 99 Chevy 350 vortec?


Was the 1993 Chevy 350 a vortec?

No, the 350 Vortec was not available until a couple years later.

Will Chevy 350 Vortec heads work on 1991 Chevy 350?

That's what should be on it.

Can you replace a 5.7 vortec with a Chevy 350?

A 5.7 is a 350. Vortec is basically the type of head used.

How much torque for a 97 Chevy Z71 350 vortec engine?

how much torque for a Chevy Z71 350 vortec engine valve cover

Is a 1979 Chevy 350 motor the same as a 1997 Chevy 350?

NO. And it won't work in the place of the 97 350 vortec.

What year did Chevy come out with the vortec 350?


Is a 1986 Chevy 350 engine block the same as a 1996 350 vortec engine block?


What vehicles had a 350 ci vortec motor?

Chevy blazer '78

How many horsepower does a 1997 Chevy vortec 350 have?

245 hp.

Where is the temperature sensor on a 96 350 vortec Chevy Tahoe?

In the font

Is a 1994 Chevy 4wd 350 truck motor a vortec motor?

No it is not.

Will the Chevy 350 vortec heads fit on an amc 360 block?

no they will not

Will a vortec v6 radiator cool a 350 Chevy engine?

Probably not.

Will a Chevy 98 Vortec 4.3L v 6 flywheel fit on a 98Chevy Vortec 350 v 8 engine?


Will a intake manifold for a 85 Chevy 350 bolt to 97 Chevy vortec heads?

No not even close.

What engine is in a 1996 Chevy Tahoe sport?

5.7L V8 350 Vortec.

What is the engine in a 1998 Chevy Suburban 2500?

5.7L 350 Vortec engine.

Will a 87 vortec 350 fit in a 1995 Chevy that had a 350 vortec and will all the wiring fit and hook up directly?

First of all Chevy did not make a vortec engine in 1987 or 1995, those engines are TBI / Throttle body injection engines. And yes they will interchange with no problems.

What is the horsepower for a 97 Chevy Z71 350 Vortec Engine?

255 HP from the factory.

What is the voltage at the fuel pump suppose to be on a 98 Chevy with a 350 vortec?

12 volts

What is the best engine for a 97 Chevy 2door Tahoe?

That would be the 5.7L / 350 Vortec.

What is the easiest way to tell the difference just by looking between a regular Chevy 350 and a Chevy 350 vortec?

pre-1988 Chevy 350 5.7 (in trucks) were carbed (with the exception of diesels) so that is the first thing to look for. after 1996 the 350 engines are vortec- until 1999, when they went to a 327 5.3 litre engine. (with the excption of the W/T) but still vortec's. and of course, the plastic throttle body cover that says...Vortec

Will a 350 engine fit in a 1999 Chevy 1500?

Yes but it has to be a vortec 350 so evrey thang matches up to the computer.