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How do i time rover 75 v6 engine/

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The starter motor is at the rear of the engine.

It is at the front side of engine next to the trainsmission

Underneath the engine on the sump ( or in USA terms the oil pan)

it is on the front of the engine, next to the oil filler cap on the v6 2.5l engine. I am not sure where on any other engine.

Rover 75 Under bonnet fuel pump - WQB100482 - Roughly £180 Rover 75 Under bonnet fuel pump - WQB100482 - Roughly £180

in my opinion yes, i got my 75 rover a while back and it still works perfectly

where is the parking buzzer located in the rover 75 .its somewere in the front but i cant find were as it has stoped working

The height of the 2006 Land-Rover Range-Rover is 6 ft. 3 in. (75 in.).

The 160 bhp engine has quite a bit more power, and is probably less economical.

you can find the sump plug in rover spares department.

To replace the air filter for a Rover 75, first remove the big plastic cover over the engine, then remove the oil filter cap. Then remove the 5 Allen bolts to reveal the air filter. Refer to your owners manual.

Rover 75 share the BMW 3 series platform and technique. Petrol engines are manufactured by MG Rover (except 4.6 V8 produce by Ford). The 2.0 l diesel, four cylinder inline, turbocharged engines, called CDT-116 PS and CDTI-131 PS, are BMW M47 common-rail diesel engine produced from 1998 to 2007 year. Same engine you can find in BMW 3 and 1 series.

Engine code KV6 Grade 10W/40 Quantity including filter 5.2Ltr

The pollen filter on the 75 is under the trim at the back of the engine bay, just bellow the windscreen, You have to remove the wiper arms and trim to gain access.

you have to take to a rover dealer to put out the service light

You have to remove the starter motor to view the sensor position Depends on which engine is fitted 4 cylinder 1.8 petrol is at the front of the engine at the flywheel end.

i have a rover 75, 1.8. it has about 26,000 miles on clock. when does my timing belt need changing

under the rear seat on the drivers side on a v6 75

Yes, i believe the rover 75CDT and CDTI diesel engine (called M47R) is the very same as the BMW E46 320 diesel engine (called M47). This BMW engine was also used in the BMW E39 520 diesel car This information is available on WIKIPEDIA. Regards Tommy

Re: Rover 75, 2.0v6 petrol engine. The manufacturer states the belt(s) (there are 3 of them) should be changed at either 6 years or 90,000 mile interval (whichever is sooner). Quote for job from ex Rover dealership in Northumberland is £473 complete (inclusive of parts, 7 hours abour and vat).

There are extensive guides on the Rover Owners Club forums. Google it!

The KV6 version of this engine was first used in the Rover 825, but it should be noted that this was a very different beast to the similarly-named power unit that would find its way into the Rover 75 and MG ZT. An insider described the earlier engine as very much a practice run, produced in an almost hand-built way - unfortunately, that led to fragility in the 825, and many power units expired before they hit the 60,000 mile mark.

Engine code K 1.8 Grade 10W/40 Quantity including filter 4.5 Ltr

Difficult to work on and lots of garages wouldn't touch mine which is a Rover 75 V6 auto. I got a garage to carry out repair for about

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