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with a link cable

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When are you able to trade from Pokemon emerald to fire red?

You can do this after you find the Ruby and the Sapphire for Celio in Pokemon FireRed. then you can trade with Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.

Can you trade a Pokemon from emerald to ruby?


Where to get deoxys?

Pokemon Emerald: Birth Island Pokemon Sapphire: Trade from Pokemon FireRed, LeafGreen, or Emerald. Pokemon Ruby: Trade from Pokemon FireRed, LeafGreen, or Emerald.

Where is Groudon in Pokemon Colosseum?

you have to trade him from Pokemon ruby or emerald.

Can you trade Pokemon from ruby emerald to Pokemon Stadium 2?


Where do you get kyogre in ruby?

Trade it from Sapphire.You can't find Kyogre in Pokemon Ruby. But, you can trade from someone in Pokemon Sapphire or Emerald.

How do you get solrock in Pokemon Sapphire?

In Pokemon Sapphire, you need to trade Solrock from Pokemon Ruby or Emerald.* *To get Solrock in Pokemon Ruby and Emerald, go to Meteor Falls.

How do you get meditite in Pokemon Emerald?

trade it from ruby or sapphire.

Pokemon FireRed how to get Groudon?

Trade from Ruby or Emerald

Is there a sedot in Pokemon sapphire?

No, you have to trade from Ruby / Emerald.

Where do you find spinarak in Pokemon ruby?

Trade from Emerald

Where do you find zangoose emerald?

Trade it from pokemon ruby

Can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon emerald and Pokemon ruby using a ds?


How do you get kyogre in Pokemon XD?

trade one in from Pokemon Ruby/Emerald

Is there a way to get a Groudon in Pokemon FireRed?

Trade it from Pokemon Emerald or Ruby.

What is the Pokemon 198 in Pokemon Ruby?

Kyogre, you can get it from a trade or from Sapphire or Emerald.

How do you get registeal in Pokemon FireRed?

Trade it from Pokemon Emerald/Ruby/Sapphire

Can you trade Pokemon to ruby from yellow?

No,you cant trade a Pokemon from ruby through yellow.The result of it is a Missingno.if you did that your game will be destroyed.but you can trade ruby through emerald and sapphire.

Where is meditite in Pokemon Emerald?

You can not get Meditite in Emerald. You must trade from Ruby or Sapphire.

How do you get a kayogre in Pokemon ruby?

you cant get kyogre in ruby you have to trade from sapphire or emerald

How do you get 3 starter Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald?

if you have Pokemon sapphire or ruby then you can trade the other two over to emerald

Where can you find aipom in Pokemon ruby?

To get an aipom in ruby, you must trade from emerald. Emerald is the only game in which you can get G/S/C pokemon.

How do you get epee in Pokemon Emerald?

You can't get Eevee in Pokemon Emerald/Ruby/Sapphire, you have to trade it from another game.

How to obtain lotoad in ruby version?

you can't get it in Pokemon ruby, you have to trade with a friend that has Pokemon sapphire or emerald.

How do you get Treecko on Pokemon LeafGreen?

Trade it from Ruby,Sapphire,Or Emerald.

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