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How do you trade Pokemon on Pokemon Blue?

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Get a Gameboy link cable. Note: Pokemon Red and Blue can trade, and Pokemon Yellow can trade with Pokemon Red and Blue

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Can you trade Pokemon from silver to blue vesion?

Yes you can trade Pokemon from Pokemon silver to Pokemon blue. The only restrictions on this is that you can not trade any of the new Pokemon that are introduced in the newer game (Pokemon with the number 151 and up can not be traded to Pokemon blue).

How do ya trade Pokemon from ruby to blue?

do u mean Pokemon blue or do you mean SAPPHIRE You trade to SAPPHIRE the normal way but u cant trade to blue

Can someone trade a Pokemon of blue with a sapphire Pokemon and im not asking for someone to trade with me I just need to trade with my sapphire into my blue?

no u cant

How do you get sandshrew in Pokemon Red?

trade with Pokemon blue

Can Pokemon Blue trade with Pokemon Yellow?


Can you trade a pokeon from Pokemon Blue to Pokemon emerald?


Can you trade items for Pokemon Blue to Pokemon Red?

In a way, yes. You can give items to your Pokemon and trade them.

Can you trade Pokemon Blue to ruby?


Can you trade Pokemon in Pokemon Blue Mystery Dungeon?


Can you trade from Pokemon firered to Pokemon red or blue?

sorry no you can not

Can you trade Pokemon over from Pokemon Crystal to Blue?


Can you trade from Pokemon LeafGreen to blue sea?

there isn't a Pokemon game called "Blue Sea"

Can Pokemon Blue trade with Pokemon Sapphire?

NO, unfortunately Pokemon blue, red and yellow are all first generation Pokemon games and Pokemon sapphire is third generation. You can trade Pokemon from blue to games like gold and silver, but not games like firered and sapphire.

How do you trade Pokemon in Pokemon mystery dungeon blue Rescue Team?

you can't trade on Pokemon mystery dungeon OK

Were to trade to get bellsprout in Pokemon Red?

you cant its in blue you have to get a frend and trade

Can you trade from Pokemon Blue to sapphire?

No, you can't

How do you get carmander in Pokemon Silver?

you trade it from Pokemon red/blue or yellow

Who will trade kadabra in Pokemon Blue?

Go to Pokemon and go to Pokemon bule.

Where can you catch Ekons in Pokemon Blue?

Ekans cannot be caught in Pokemon Blue version. You need to trade one from Pokemon Red. Similarly, Sandshrew is exclusive to Pokemon Blue.

Can you trade Pokemon blue version without beating the elite 4?

ya u can trade Pokemon in blue before u beat the elite four.

Can you trade Pokemon between Blue and Ruby?

No. Pokemon Blue was for the GameBoy while Pokemon Ruby was for the GameBoyAdvance. The games are not cross compatible.

How can you get the blue flute in Pokemon FireRed?

You must trade it from Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald, where you must trade soot to get it.

Can you trade items From Pokemon Blue rescue team to Pokemon Time?

No, sorry you can only trade from time and darkness

What level does kadabra evolve at on Pokemon Blue?


Can you trade Pokemon on blue rescue team to diamond?