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How do you trade Pokemon on Pokemon crater?


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from my experience there is no way to trade unless you sign up for "Pokemon indigo" Copyrighted 2008


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Just go to Your account then click on trade Pokemon

When trading pokemon in a pokemon crater you should make sure that both partys are on the same terms. go to the same map as each other, only one person. then request to trade .

you go on Mibit to show of your Pokemon then after you put it up for trade and someone offers then you can accept or decline.

Pokemon crater no longer exists

i found a new Pokemon crater http://www.pokemonbattlearena.net/

I found this, http://www.zimbio.com/pokemon+crater+v7.0/articles/5989/Pokemon+crater+2

They shut Pokemon crater down. It took me along time to realize what happen and I know a website that is almost the same to Pokemon crater it's called www.pokemonbattlearena.net.

Well Im Not Quite Sure What Happend To Pokemon Crater However... There Is A Pokemon Crater Remix. Witch Is Extremly Similair To Pokemon Crater. Here Is The Website. http://www.pokemonbattlearena.net/

Pokemon TPPC Pokemon Indigo Pokemon Crater/Battle Arena Pokemon Moon A good Pokemon rpg might be Pokemon Indigo or Pokemon Crater. But Pokemon Crater has been shut down.

i don't know the owner of Pokemon crater...but i know the online games of Pokemon the website is: www.tppcrpg.net in this website u can catch,train,buy, trade,sell Pokemon in this website there is no limit of Pokemon lvl.. another website is: www.pokemonlake.com in this website u can do the same, but the Pokemon raise upto lvl 100 just like Pokemon crater.. i know the Pokemon crater was best website ever!

You can play Pokemon Crater just type "Pokemon crater" in Google

I believe Pokemon world online is different from Pokemon crater.

I Went On The Pokemon Crater Remix. Witch Is Similair To Pokemon Crater. http://www.pokemonbattlearena.net/ Happy Gaming

there is another version of Pokemon crater just Google search tppc Pokemon crater no longer exists so don't bother with it

The new Pokemon crater is called pokemoncraterx.

who knows......But the new Pokemon crater website is www.pokemonbattlearena.net

Pokemon crater-battle area{beta 0.1}

Try Pokemon vortex its a upgrade version of Pokemon crater the gameplay is the same

Pokemon Crater has been shut down. You can no longer play it online.

Pokemon crater will be back sometime in June yay!!!

wasnt Pokemon crater shut down a long time ago?

You can no longer play Pokemon Crater. The creator of the site has shut it down.

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