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How do you trade a Pokemon from leafgreen to pearl or diamond?

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2014-02-21 14:34:01

when you beat the elite 4 and get the new dex you put leafgreen

into the gba slot and p or d into the ds slot. when you turn it on

select p or d. on 1 of the starting screens it should say transfer

from leafgreen. pick that and follow the directions. when you start

the game go to pal park found by traveling south then east from

sandgem town. talk to the man there and he will tell you what to

do. if you have any more questions go to . it has

almost everything you need to know. good luck.

You mean transfer? Well... if its transfer your meaning, you'll be

needing to beat the Elite 4 and save. Put your Pokemon Leafgreen to

the slot 2 of your DS. Then go to Pal Park.


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