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when you beat the elite 4 and get the new dex you put leafgreen into the gba slot and p or d into the ds slot. when you turn it on select p or d. on 1 of the starting screens it should say transfer from leafgreen. pick that and follow the directions. when you start the game go to pal park found by traveling south then east from sandgem town. talk to the man there and he will tell you what to do. if you have any more questions go to . it has almost everything you need to know. good luck.
You mean transfer? Well... if its transfer your meaning, you'll be needing to beat the Elite 4 and save. Put your Pokemon Leafgreen to the slot 2 of your DS. Then go to Pal Park.


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Q: How do you trade a Pokemon from leafgreen to pearl or diamond?
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What happens if you trade a DiamondPearl Pokemon to LeafGreen?

you cant trade Pokemon diamond pearl with leaf green. You can only do that if you trade Pokemon from leaf green to diamond pearl.

How do you trade Pokemon from Pokemon pearl to Pokemon LeafGreen?

Sorry, but you can't. You can trade from LeafGreen to Pearl, but not back.

How do you catch Raikou in diamond and pearl?

You cannot catch Raikou in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. To get Raikou in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, you must trade for one from Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver where it can be caught or transferring from Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen.

How do you you trade Pokemon from Pearl Diamond to FireRed LeafGreen?

You can't. You can only trade Pokemon from Fire Red or Leaf Green to Pokemon Diamond or Pearl. It just doesn't work the other way around.

What if you cant trade Pokemon from Pokemon Pearl to Pokemon LeafGreen?

HelloSorry to say but you cant trade Pokemon from pearl to leafgreen but you can migrate Pokemon from leafgreen to pearl via the pal park

How do you get Larvitar in Pokemon Emerald?

i don't know but u can get it in Pokemon diamond and pearl in swarms trade from leafgreen and firered

Can you link Pokemon LeafGreen and Pokemon gold?

No. Unfortunately you can only trade 3rd generation games with diamond and pearl.

Trade Pokemon pearl Pokemon to LeafGreen?

You cannot trade your Pokemon form Pearl to LeafGreen, only from LeafGreen to Pearl; it is one way celedon city in the small house in the west

Is it possible to trade from Pokemon platinum to Pokemon fire red?

No. But you can trade from FireRed, LeafGreen, Sapphire, Ruby or Emerald to Diamond, Pearl or Platinum

How do you migrate from Pokemon Colosseum to Pokemon Diamond?

First, you have to trade your Pokemon Colosseum with Ruby/Sapphire (And I think Leafgreen/Firered too) Once you do that, you have to get the Pokemon to leafgreen/firered, and then migrate them to Pokemon diamond/pearl. For this though, you have to had beaten the games.

How do you get seal the Pokemon on Pokemon Pearl?

trade from diamond trade from diamond

How do you trade on Pokemon platinum onto Pokemon LeafGreen?

It's not possible to trade from Diamond, Pearl or Platinum onto any previous game regardless of what system it was for.

How do you catch diagia in Pokemon pearl?

trade diamond from Pokemon diamond onto Pokemon pearl

How to trade a Pokemon from Pokemon Pearl to Pokemon LeafGreen?

you cant because leafgreen is an older game then Pokemon pearl plus its a gameboy advance game.

How can you trade Pokemon from Pokemon Diamond to leafgreen?

u can migrate Pokemon from fire red, leaf green, ruby, sapphire, and emerald to diamond, pearl, and platinum but not the other way around.

How can you trade in Pokemon LeafGreen to your friend who has silver?

Leafgreen can only trade between firered, ruby, sapphire, emerald, Pokemon colosseum, Pokemon xd gale of darkness, and migrate with diamond, pearl, platinum, heartgold and soulsilver it cannot trade with the original silver.

Pokemon Diamond how do you get magmorter?

You trade Magmar from Pokemon pearl,diamond,or platinum to ether Pokemon pearl,diamond,or platinum.

Where do you find a misdreavous in pokemon diamond?

You can't find a Misdreavus in Pokémon Diamond. You'll have to trade it from Pokémon Pearl or migrate it from Pokémon LeafGreen or Colosseum.

How do you get Snorlax in Pokemon pearl?

trade from firered or leafgreen

Where do you get a jirachi in Pokemon SoulSilver?

The only way to get Jirachi is: Trade it from Pokemon Pearl,Diamond or Platinum or migrate it for Emerald, Ruby,Sapphire,FireRed or LeafGreen.

Can You get Heatran In Pokemon HeartGold?

Only if you trade from Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.Trade from Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.

How do you trade from Pokemon pearl to Pokemon LeafGreen?

im afraid you cant. you can migrate from your leafgreen to pearl but not the other way around. so srry :(

Can you trade Pokemon from diamond to Pokemon LeafGreen?

No, you cannot trade Pokémon from Pokémon Diamond over to Pokémon LeafGreen.

How do you get a dialger on Pokemon Pearl?

Trade from Pokemon Diamond!

Can Pokemon Diamond trade with Pokemon Pearl?