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How do you transfer a file from a computer to a cell phone?

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Via USB, infraport, bluetooth.

2006-08-17 16:41:58
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How do you transfer a file from a cell phone to computer?

Depends on what type of cell phone you have.

How do you transfer files from one cell phone to another?

There are many ways to transfer files between phones depending on the type of phone and the features that the carrier has disabled. Some phones allow file transfer between phones via Bluetooth. If that is not possible, you might be able to use MMS messaging to transfer the file depending on the file type. Finally, you could connect both phones to a computer, transfer the file to the computer and then from the computer to the other phone.

How do you USB pictures from your computer to cell phone?

there will be a usb file typically with a usb picture next to it in the files you drag the photo files you want from your computer to that file and it will transfer it

Can you get music from a physical album onto your phone If so how?

Use a computer to turn the music into mp3, then connect the computer to the phone and transfer the file from the computer to the phone.

How do you send music from computer to LG Cosmos cell phone?

All you need to do is to plug your pc into the compuetr,after that you choose the file you want to transfer and wait until it load and it will transfer by it self.

Is there an app which allows file transfer between a cell phone and an iPod touch?


How do you put computer songs onto your phone?

First you need to convert the file you wish to download into mp3 format then you may transfer the file to your phone

Why can you transfer photos from your computer to your phone but not view the photos on your phone?

Most phones when connected to a computer can behave just like any other standard storage device such as flash drives. This means that the computer doesn't necessarily know that your phone is indeed a phone, but explains why you can transfer the pictures to your phone. Usually you can transfer any type of file. The reason you can't view the pictures on your phone is most likely to be that your phone doesn't have any software that knows what to do with that type of file.

To transfer file from different computer to your computer?

there are a lot of ways in order to transfer a file from one computer to another computer. first is that you can use a flash disk drive/ USB to transfer file. you can also transfer file by using internet. attaching your file to your email, then open your email on the other computer. you can also transfer file trough network. if both of the computers are network together, you can access your file from one computer to another. these are only few on the things that you can do inorder to transfer your file. there are a lot more to do, just be creative.

How do you put a game from your computer onto your phone?

I wonder that games developed to work on computers probably won't work on cell phones. If the games can work on both computer and phone they must have an appropriate connecting cord to transfer data or send the file

How do you send ringtones from a iPod touch to your cell phone for free?

You can use Bluetooth (although very slow with idevices), you can also email them to yourself or you can file transfer them from your desktop computer.

Can I file your cell phone bill on bankruptcy?

No, you cannot file my cell phone bill in a bankruptcy. However, you can file YOUR cell phone bill in a bankruptcy.

How do you transfer a recorded phone message to a computer?

1. find a program on the computer that will let you do that 2. get the cord that connects your phone to your computer 3. open up the application for the computer 4. open up the phone file 5. connect it

I can't download coolromcom files on my android phone they always fail Any help?

Try downloading the files to your computer, connecting your Android phone via USB cable, and using a downloadable utility like ANDROID FILE TRANSFER to transfer the file to your phone.

How do you back up a cell phone?

Most mobile phones come with file transfer software on a CD-ROM. Install the software on a computer - connect the phone via a suitable USB cable, and use the software to copy any files you need to keep onto the computer.

How do you transfer mp3 files from your computer to your cell phone without a usb cable?

Try to use Web PC Suite: a file transfer and management app which helps you manage your Android content on PC web or upload files from your computer to your Android phone.

How can you get a file from another computer across a network?


How do you transfer pictures from one phone to another?

If you have a computer cord for your phone you can probably connect your phone to the computer and transfer your files from your phone to a folder in your computer (you should probably name that document phone, phone pictures, etc). once you've transferred the pictures just plug in your other phone and put them on that! then you can delete or save the file to keep your contacts, photos, etc safe!! ☺

Tranferring a file form a remote computer to a personal computer is called?

File Transfer/File Sharing/Object Push

How do you upload videos from your phone to YouTube by computer?

Just use a phone file explorer to transfer them to your computer then upload them to youtube. Get the Browser and Instructions here:

How do you transfer music mp3 from cell phone to cell phone?

You can try to use File Expert which have many ways to transfer files between two Android phones. One of the coolest way I think is Quick Connection. That allows you to view files from other phones just on your own phone.

How do you transfer music from cell phone to cell phone using bluetooth?

you select the file go to more or options then choose send then it will have various options pick via bluetooth and choose device to send it to

How are Biological Viruses and Computer viruses alike?

Computer viruses can infect a file much like a Biological virus can infect a cell, they then spread from file to file or cell to cell.

How do you install software in samsung champ mobile?

You just need to get a .jar file for the application you want in your phone . Then transfer that file to your phone .Open the the .jar file in your phone and install it on your phone.

How do you transfer mp3 files to a cell phone?

This is how to transfer from computer (Windows XP), to cell phone. It depends on different circumstances. If you want to try and do it this way, you're going to need a USB cable for the phone.Try connecting your phone to the computer, then go into 'My Computer'. If you find your phone in the list of devices in front of you, you open it. Then minimize the window. Now Open the MP3 file in a window and then its just the case of dragging that MP3 file to the window you minimized earlier that has the files of the phone.However, if the 'My Computer' window doesn't show your phone, you might need to download the driver for the phone: Open up your web browser and in Google, type in your phone make and model followed by 'driver' (e.g. Motorola V360 driver). Then, on a suitable link, download the driver. NOTE: Be careful when downloading drivers, they may have viruses, try downloading the drivers from the official make website of your phone. Then repeat the above and it should work.